20 Thing’s I Learned in My 20’s!

Happy happy new year! I also somehow turned 30 last week?! Literally INSANE – I still feel 17 LOL. I had the best time celebrating in my favorite town- Park City- skiing and eating all week. It was the best. In light of turning 30, I thought I should share what I learned in my 20’s. I finally feel so calm and at peace at this age but my 20’s was a definite RIDE and there’s SO many things I wish I had known during that chaotic decade. So I am going to share 20 Thing’s I Learned in My 20’s- from my 30 year old self 🙂

20’s Things I Learned in my 20’s: 

1. WEAR SUNSCREEN – the best anti-aging product there is! Your older self will thank you!

2. Your job DOES NOT define you- if you hate your job, find a new one. Life is too short to be miserable every day

3. Spend time with you parents- time is precious!

4. Open a 401K or investment account ASAP! Let that money builddddd

5. Friend groups become smaller but remember quality > quantity 

6. Don’t let other people’s judgement cloud your own- you know yourself better than they do

7. Go on dates! A bad date is one step closer to the best date of your life 

8. TRAVEL!! Go to the places of your dreams with your friends (use that PTO!) 

9;  A concert on a Wednesday night? Happy hour on a Tuesday? Say YES to random moments- they’re worth it 

10. Call your friends who live far away and remind them you love them

11. Traditions change as you get older- embrace it

12. Go to music festivals- eventually the idea of attending one sounds terrible LOL

13. Invest in quality fashion pieces, not trendy ones

14. Less screen time = more present moments. Ditch the screen when you’re with the ones you love! Your phone will always be there

15. Don’t try and be like everyone else- that’s boring. Embrace who you are and be apologetically YOU- you’ll attract the right people

16. New Years will always be overrated- save your money and stay home 

17. Learn to cook! You’ll learn to save money on food and your HEALTH is WEALTH

18. Build healthy habits- they’ll go a long way

19.  Don’t compare your life to someone else’s online- it’s a highlight reel and real life is much more fun than scrolling

20. Age is just a number- life is what you make of it 😉

I can’t wait to enjoy the decade with you ALL!!!