4 Tip & Tricks to Help Set the Tone of Your Day

Happppppy TUESDAY! I’ll be real here – I am a morning person. You’re more likely to find me up and at it at 6am than staying up past 11pm (lol I’m so lame).  Although, there are days where my bed wins. 

I am ALWAYS trying to maximize my time in the day, especially during the week and I know it starts with how I start my morning. My mood, my happiness, my productivity are all set up with my morning routine. 

Let’s face it- with quarantine, our morning routines have likely been different than pre-2020. Now that I work from home more often, I have found a few tips and tricks that help me start my day off with a bang. I am going to share with you 4 tricks that help me set the tone of my day– to be productive, happy, motivated and just ready to kick a$$- because, that’s important these days. 



Hydration is SO important throughout the day but especially in the morning. We wake up from (hopefully) 8 hours of rest without water so the first thing I always do is…drink water!! It helps hydrate the skin, gets the digestive system going and wakes up the entire body. I keep a giant bottle of water filled by my bed and right after my alarm goes off, I sit up, and drink up. I feel more awake, hydrated and ready to get moving (even though sometimes I just want to lay in my bed forever).  Check out one of my fav water bottles here. 

 Make the Bed 

So I have this obsession with making my bed. I can’t stand seeing my bed unmade and it doesn’t help living with a SO who could care less (lol). Not only does it help me feel accomplished, it just makes me feel like some part of my life is in order. Making the bed will give you a small sense of accomplishment (or at least for me!)  Studies also show the tidiness of your room or where you spend a lot of your time directly affects your mood/productivity. Let’s face it, clutter and disorganization do not tend to lead to calmness and productivity. Make the bed, feel empowered and notice how your mood will boost after you complete a small, yet productive task (ironically my childhood self never felt this way when asked to make the bed…)

Skin care 

As you know, I love good, clean, tight, dewy skin. Drinking tons of water leads to great skin but it is so important to hydrate and nourish the skin even further. Plus, who wants to look puffy and tired all day? Not me. So I start my AM skin care routine with an ice roller. This wakes me up, helps stimulate my lymphatic system and de-bloats my face (SUPER helpful after a night of drinking too…).  I take this ice roller and gently roll it over my face for about 5 minutes as I am brewing up a cup of coffee, pushing everything up, then down and out. It’s freezing and def wakes you up! I then add the serums, SPF and moisturizer. Simple, to the point, but now I am feeling even more awake and ready to continue my routine. 

Me time 

It is so easy to let the day take control over you, instead of you taking control of your day. When I used to let myself wake up 10 minutes before I had to be somewhere, that was my life. I never felt like I was in control. Waking up an extra 30 minutes each day and allowing yourself “me time” will help shape the course of your day and allow you to feel more in control. Whether this “me time” is reading, working out, drinking coffee in silence, these extra 30 minutes may help you actually ENJOY something right away, feel content and a little less stressed heading to your job or whatever your day entails. Maybe you need to go to bed 30 minutes earlier to do this. I like to spend 30 minutes each morning, drinking coffee while reading a book, or sometimes, I will go out and walk for 30 minutes to get my blood pumping, and listen to a podcast or even journal. By doing these types of things, I feel ready to dive into my work because I was able to really enjoy something before having to hammer down on responsibilities and a to-do list- this has been especially helpful since transitioning to a consistent WFH environment- where home & work can blend together. 

There you have it!  I don’t think there’s anything better than kicking a$$ at your morning routine to take you on to the rest of your day, amiright? Although there are days when my bed might keep me a little longer, I still love incorporating tips and tricks on the reg to just be happier, less stressed and productive. I loveee morning routines so reach out to share your tips/tricks!!