Does anyone else HATE the hunt for jeans?! Because, SAME! For the last 2 years, I have tried HUNDREDS of pairs of jeans, searching for the perfect fit, the perfect wash, and all around, the perfect pair worth the money. This post is sharing my recent FAVORITE denim finds, for any occasion that are on my current rotation. Even heading into summer, I am all about a good pair of jeans. Here are my current favorites, and I will include one pair that is on my wish list:


The Agolde 90s PINCH WAIST

The Agolde 90s PINCH WAIST are my favorite pair of jeans for ANY look. They’re what I call a “classic” fit. They’re 100% cotton so not a ton of stretch but if you wear them in, they will quickly become your most grabbed pair. They’re truly the perfect fit. I am 5’4 and they hit right at my ankle which is perfect to wear them with heels, tennis shoes or any sandal. They feature a button fly and are the perfect high waist (but not TOO high). I have these in the “range” color but they come in almost every different wash. If you’re looking for a staple, every day pair of jeans you can dress up or down, this is my first recommendation. I get these in my true size and they fit perfectly (I am a 23).


The Agolde Riley Long

Everyone needs the perfect straight leg denim in their closet and my personal favorite is yet again, another pair by Agolde. The Riley Long has a more slim fit than the 90s Pinch Waist, making this pair a little more refined. It’s 88% cotton so again, more stiff but is SO easy to break-in. The best part of the cotton is the denim keeps it’s shape, and it’s more durable (that’s really the biggest difference between a stretch denim and cotton, the durability). The Riley Long also feature a button fly and comes in a wide array of colors. They also hit RIGHT at the ankle, and the quiver color wash is just beautiful. I get these in my true size and they fit perfectly (I am a 23).


Frame Le Jane Frayed Cropped High Rise Wide Leg

FRAME denim was actually a company founded by two Swedish entrepreneur’s, who decided to develop a brand to create elevated, well tailored and luxury clothing. And honestly, that is what they achieved with their denim. The Frame Le Jane jean is not for everyone, but if you want to spice up your wardrobe, a pair of wide leg jeans is the perfect, easy way to do so. These jeans are SO comfortable, you can feel how luxurious they are with each wear. The frayed bottom gives them a casual look that can be dressed up with a pair of heels or loafers. I also love the crop look with a sneaker. The light wash is perfect for summer or spring but I can also envision wearing them into fall with a boot. These are 77% cotton so have a bit more stretch than Agolde. I am truly obsessed and they run true to size! I can’t wait to try more of FRAME’s styles.


GRLFRIEND Karolina High Rise

If you’re a petite gal, GRLFRIEND is one of my favorite brands for jeans. They just fit really well. I like the Karolina high rise for the distressed look. This is not a pair I grab for the office, but for a more casual look, I do like a pair of denim with some distress. The high rise of this pair is a TRUE high rise. The holes don’t look or feel TOO much. It’s a classier type of distressed denim if you will. BUT the fit is just perfect. I grab for these almost every weekend for errands.


Abercrombie and Fitch

I know denim can be pricey, but if you’re looking for an affordable pair of great fitting jeans, I highly recommend Abercrombie & Fitch (still can’t get over their comeback lol). They have SO many different styles at a great price point. Plus, they always have sales. I have the 90s Straight (which fit similar to the Agolde 90s) and the High Rise 90s relaxed. I also love how inclusive they are of sizing. They have SO many style options and washes too!


Khaite The Danielle Jean

I’ve been eyeing Khaite denim for over a year now, specifically the Danielle Jean. The fit looks BEYOND flattering and whenever someone posts about them, they mention the high quality and perfect tailored feel. Of course, $400+ for jeans is INSANE. But I am keeping my eye on these because quality > quantity. Let me know if you’ve tried these and if they’re worth it!

Other honorable mentions: 


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PINK’S PICKS: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s that time of the year, the time to celebrate MOMS! I love my mom SO much and am so grateful for her and it’s always so fun to treat the moms a little extra. My mom is traveling this year so I won’t get to spend time with her (which is the greatest gift of all) BUT here are my top gift ideas to spoil the mother in your life:

Monogram Towels 

Is there anything better than a luxurious towel?! I am obsessed with these from Pottery Barn because you can personalize them!

Prada Paradoxe Perfume

I have been obsessed with this perfume lately and the bottle itself is just STUNNING. The perfect fragrance gift.

Lunya Robe

If you know about this robe, then you KNOW how good it is. Read my full review here but this is my fav gift ever. It’s so comfortable and chic.

Henry Rose Candle

This is the BEST non-toxic candle ever. Plus, it’s chic!!!  I am obsessed.

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PINK’S PICKS: Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Spring is FINALLY upon us and did you know I offer styling services?! It’s one of my favorite things to do and if you’re looking for a quick wardrobe update or outfits for a specific event, let’s work together. I am here to help YOU look and feel your best, that’s what PINK’S PICKS is all about. As a sneak peek into my service, I wanted to share my breakdown of a perfect spring capsule wardrobe that I shared recently for a client heading to Europe this season. Let’s get into it.


A capsule wardrobe is simply a collection of clothes/accessories/shoes designed to mix and match and work together to make getting dressed EASY and streamlined. It’s really about having your go-to pieces in your closet you feel confident in, that you can wear in multiple ways and it removes decision fatigue (aka makes getting dressed SIMPLE). It’s really just your core collection of basics and every day items that you know and love.


Of course, a capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be “season” specific, but since a new season is upon us,  I wanted to share what I recommend in a capsule wardrobe this spring season, but really this can apply year around depending where you live 🙂

Tees and tanks








I put together ALL my current favorites in each category. Happy Shopping!


We all need our favorite tee or tank for all things layering. I highly recommend splurging on this category versus just buying a target $5 t-shirt, these are items you will wear and wash regularly and of course, multiple color options is KEY. Quality matters in basics in my opinion.  Here are a few of my favorites:



A neutral or fun color sweater is really a staple in every wardrobe. For spring, I love a sweater to wrap around my shoulder’s as a layering piece or the perfect cardigan is ALWAYS a simple go-to item. You can dress any cardigan up or down and it can also be the perfect layer when it’s not too warm. I love mixing up textures and colors but of course, having a neutral option is key! Here are my current favorite’s:



If you’re a corporate girlie, you know a blouse is a MUST HAVE. BUT even for a casual weekend fit, a good basic blouse is a staple, especially as we head into spring weather. I love a white linen blouse or a fun striped one for the spring. It’s another great layering piece. You can throw on your favorite tank with your blouse and your favorite denim, and you have the perfect, chic look. Or even over a simple dress!  Here’s my blouse picks:


I am SO specific about dresses. To be honest, dresses are not my favorite clothing item but I do love a perfect, basic dress that I know I can accessorize or wear with sneakers or heels. Plus, for spring, I love pops of color and this season, even DENIM dresses are SO fun and can be dressed up or down for many different occasions. Here’s a few of my dress picks for this season:


I am ALLLLL about denim AND trousers. Denim is a STAPLE in every wardrobe and finding great denim can be so hard. We all have different body types so finding the right denim for YOU should not be about trends but about what fits you best and makes you feel confident. I love denim in all colors, fits, lengths and fits. But when it comes to creating your CAPSULE wardrobe, you want to find the denim and pants you feel best in. I am sharing a few classic fits I love of both trousers and jeans. These are traditional and timeless pieces that can be worn year around but I do love linen pants for spring too:


Having a few go-to jackets for all seasons is a MUST. For spring, you of course want lighter options but also an option to keep you warm during those cool nights or cool mornings. I love a blazer that can be dressed up or down and I also love a good trench coat, to throw on for an extra layer. Plus, a good denim jacket is always a great option. Leather is also perfect for a night out or edgier look. Here are my coat/jacket favs:


For shoes, I recommend a few: a good pair of sneakers, a great pair of heels, a flat or loafer, a strappy heel and a fun shoe! I love pops of color of course too because shoes can REALLY bring an outfit together. Here are a few great options across all the shoe spectrums to add into your capsule wardrobe:


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PINK’S PICK REVIEW: My Top Cymbiotika Products

Happy April! I get SO many questions on what Cymbiotika products I use so I decided to create a FULL post to my favorite picks. Of course, I am NOT a doctor and all of these supplements are what work for ME. I highly recommend you do your own research if you’re unsure or consult your healthcare provider. I am all about preventative care, so it is SO important to take control of your health so you can live your best life. If you’re not familiar with Cymbiotika, here are the deets:

What is Cymbiotika:

Cymbiotika is a wellness brand committed to supporting YOUR health by creating intentional products that are high-quality, and sourced from the best of the best. What I love about Cymbiotika is their commitment to transparency – every product is sourced with only the best ingredients with no toxins or weird additives AND they are designed to WORK to support your vitality. They’ve truly developed the categories they offer over the years. You can not only find superior supplements, but now lifestyle products to support your overall wellness, such as laundry detergents, hand soaps and more. Plus, they have pet products coming soon too!

BUT what Cymbiotika does best is educate. You can quickly take a quiz on their site to help you understand WHAT products you need based on your lifestyle or health goals. It’s GENIUS. If you’re wondering where to start, I recommend heading to their website to take the quiz. Take ownership over your health with support from Cymbiotika. HEALTH IS WEALTH!!

My Favorite Cymbiotika Supplements:

Topical Magnesium Spray:

If you’re looking for a simple product to add to your life, the topical magnesium spray is my personal recommendation. Did you know over  70% of the population do NOT get enough magnesium?!  Magnesium is essential for overall health including support to your muscles and nerve functions and it fights inflammation (which is the root of most diseases). Plus, this spray also promotes SLEEP!  It smells like lavender and is SO relaxing. I love t0 spray 15-20 sprays on my feet and chest before bed and it makes me so relaxed and relieved. Keep it by your nightstand and it’s an easy hack to spray on yourself before bed. It works by absorbing into your skin on a cellular level. Truly an iconic product.

The Probiotic:

A probiotic is my #1 daily non-negotiable. This probiotic has changed my life. Gut health is ESSENTIAL for our overall being. Taking a probiotic that works is key. Cymbiotika’s probiotic includes 19 strains to support healthy digestion and gut function. I take 3 capsules every single night and if I don’t, my gut feels it. It keeps you regular, is designed to make it to your gut (many probiotics do not).  I recommend this product to EVERYONE. Gut health is the key to your immunity, mental health and supports our overall nutrient absorption. Keep your gut healthy.

Liposomal Vitamin C:

Another essential nutrient for overall health is vitamin c. But not all vitamin c’s are created equal. Cymbiotika created a liposomal vitamin c that is derived from non-GMO L-ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate. And why does that matter? This supports the rate at which the supplement is absorbed by your body.  Vitamin C not only supports immunity, but also healthy aging and even collagen production. Plus, this tastes GOOD. So easy to travel with and always have on the go. I never go anywhere without it.

Liposomal Glutathione: 

If you’ve heard of glutathione, it’s like because it is an antioxidant powerhouse. It’s found in every cell in the body. Taking liposomal glutathione combats aging at a cellular level and can support overall energy levels. Similar to the vitamin C, the liposomal promotes body absorption to ensure you get all the nutrients. This is another easy product to take daily, I just love the pouches. I take it every single morning on an empty stomach before my coffee. This also tastes GOOD and I feel so much more clear when I take this product daily.

Super Greens:

Another one of my favorite easy products to take every day and on the go is the Super Greens. This easy to take pouch is full of essential greens, including spinach, spirulina, and chlorophyll. Using the greens daily supports natural detoxification, and energy levels. Plus, if you travel abroad, this is a MUST HAVE or just travelling in general. It also has a lime green taste that I now enjoy. HIGHLY recommend adding this into your routine. Such an easy way to get those greens!

PINK’S TIP: My favorite way to shop with Cymbiotika is through their subscription! You get 10% off and can pause at any time. It helps me stay on my health game and their portal makes it SEAMLESS to pause or cancel if needed. You can also add anything each month!




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