I am SO excited it’s officially feeling like the 2023 HOLIDAY season! I love shopping for my friends and family and of course, putting together gift guides to help you all shop too! BUT one of the MOST asked questions I have got in my DMs this past week is “what is on your gift wish list?” Of course, I really don’t need anything, but you know I love curating a list so I put together an inspirational gift guide of what I would ask for. For me, these are things I wouldn’t buy myself but would love to have or you can view this as “the multi-faceted, cool girl” gift guide. I love trends, but not overspending on trendy items and I love GREAT staple pieces worth the investment. Plus, I travel a lot, love working out and health/fitness, and of course, I love FASHION. So use this guide as inspiration if you will or for ideas for shopping for a cool, fun gal in your life.


When it comes to clothing and fashion pieces, I typically buy them myself lol. BUT I do have a few on my radar that I think would be great gifts.

Mini Uggs: I actually DON’T own these and between going to pilates, running quick errands, and potentially going on a snow trip, I think I’d get a TON of use out of them. Plus, I also really want these slippers too.


Classic Coat: There’s nothing better than a classic coat, but living in OC, I don’t necessarily always NEED a big jacket. But between my many travels, I wish I had something cozy for the plane but chic enough to wear to dinner too and this Sezane coat is the perfect mix.


Timeless Sunglasses: Because of my sensitive eyes, I am NEVER without sunglasses and sunglasses are my favorite accessory. I have been eyeing these Celine ones forever.


Other fashion picks I’d put on my list:

A good belt: The Khaite Bambi belt has been on my wishlist forever – but also sharing a few more timeless, great belt options!


Sambas/Sneakers: I think these will go out of style but with an upcoming Europe trip, I would love to wear these. I also always love a pair of GG’s.


The perfect scarf: I am in need of a great new scarf. I love a classic one that is warm but also chic.


An oversized sweater/sweatshirt: Everyone needs their go-to sweater or sweatshirt! These are on my own wishlist:


For health and wellness, I have a BIGGGG list of things I’d LOVE one day (ice bath, sauna and a whole room just for my wellness routine lol) BUT, there are items I’ve been obsessing over for years that I would gift someone who is a health freak like me:

Red Light Therapy Mask: I have been wanting to purchase one of these forever. The benefits of red light therapy include reduction in inflammation, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, combats blue light and supports collagen production. I know they look ridiculous but the science behind red light is actually really powerful and I would LOVE to add one of these into my routine- self care!!


Skincare: Skincare is a BIG part of my health and wellness routine. I love taking care of my skin and it really is a ritual for me. I have been really wanting to add eye masks into my routine, but it’s something I feel like most people don’t buy themselves. I feel like these eye masks would make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer!


Infrared PEMF Mat: If you’re not familiar with PEMF, it is pulsed electromagnetic field. PEMF therapy has been proven to lower inflammation, reduce anxiety, and relieve muscles. Since I can’t commit to my home wellness center yet (lol) this is the perfect solution for a small space to still get the incredible benefits of infrared with PEMF.


Other great health/wellness gifts:

  • Massage
  • Fitness class package
  • Pedicure/Manicure


I sorted out my fitness picks mainly for athletic wear, athletic shoes and accessories for working out. I am actually about to start training for a half marathon and also love to do Pilates, and still do a lot of strength training. Here are my fitness picks I’d want as a gift:

Running Shoes: I have been wanting to try APLs running shoes since forever. I have always loved my Hokas and ON shoes but would love to give these a try. I love how they look sleek too.


Vuori Leggings: My favorite leggings of all time are the Vuori Daily legging. They can be worn to chill, to run, to the gym – they’re multi-functional, comfortable and the fit is amazing.


Pilates Socks: As a reformer Pilates fanatic,  I can never have too many pairs of grip socks! I love these from Bombas!


Here’s a collection of other random, fun gifts that most people probably wouldn’t buy themselves,  including me!


Can you BELIEVE it’s already the holiday season?! I legit can’t believe it – but here we are! I am SO excited to share some of my Black Friday picks. Let’s face it, Black Friday is essentially a scam to make you spend more money BUT if you can get a deal, why not?! I honestly think it’s great for holiday gifts or an item you’ve been looking at for a long time. BUT it’s also fun for a little retail therapy. It’s so funny how Black Friday is now a week-long event with online retailers- remember waiting in line at the mall at 7 AM to go shopping?! Those were the days….LOL.

I looked at all my favorite sales, by store/retailer and shared my favorite PICKS! Happy shopping! (stay tuned for more!):



Shop all their HIGH-quality jewelry pieces for 30% off (excluding weddings)  Here are my current favs:

ALO – 30% off SITEWIDE

Do you need any new athetlic wear? I love Alo for both men and women. Shop my picks below!

MADEWELL – 40% off your purchase! (exclusions apply) – CODE LETGO

From the perfect jeans to great basics, Madewell really popped off this season. I am actually obsessed with SO many of their staple pieces. Shop my favorites below:


SHOPBOP – 25% off your purchase with CODE HOLIDAY 

Shopbop is one of my favorite online retailers – they have SO many great brands and this sale includes some of the best – Reformation.  YSL, Agolde, Anine Bing and more! Shop my wish list below:


NORDSTROM – deals vary but sale is live NOW!

From shoes, to beauty picks and even the DYSON VACCUUM, Nordstrom’s Black Friday deals are strong this year! Here are my current picks below:




It’s that time to shop for the guy….whether it’s your dad, brother, husband, boyfriend, or friend, they can be HARD to shop for. SO I scoured the internet and found the BEST gifts for the guy in your life – truly something for everyone. But these are things they NEED, ya know? Here’s my PICKS – happy shopping:



If your husband is like mine, he probably NEVER buys new shoes… is the time. I am LOVING new balance this season – they’re just cool. Plus, anyone can pull them off! I just feel like a good sneaker is truly a gift they will USE. I share more below, including casual shoes, running shoes and dress shoes.




Even if the guy you’re shopping for is NOT athletic, you can admit that we all need athletic wear. Whether they travel, lounge, go for walks, barbeque, spend time outdoors, they ALL need something comfortable, versatile, and easy to throw on. They can’t deny it! And I know you’re all probably SICK of me raving about the Vuori joggers but I am telling YOU, every guy NEEDS them. They’re soft, comfortable, sleek and can be worn out to dinner or while on the couch.  Even if your guy has a pair, get them another!! Plus shared more of my fav activewear picks for the guys too!



I know not everyone needs MORE technology but I think it’s important to now only consider adding USEFUL technology (NO APPLE WATCHES PLZ) THE HATCH is it – it will likely be on ALL my gift guides LOL it’s a must have.  It will upgrade his morning and night routine and it has SO many functions to promote happy and healthy sleep- read my full review here. Here’s other gadgets below:



Let’s face it- we ALL need a good suitcase and if you’re big travelers like us, there’s nothing more satisfying than a GOOD suitcase.  BEIS is the most LEGIT suitcase brand I’ve come across lately (also LOVE CALPACK). Gift your guy a nice new suitcase and maybe plan a little getaway! It’s the perfect gift to elevate your man’s travel game. I also shared my other travel essentials below (my personal fav is the custom toiletry bag! fill with goodies):



  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Massage Gift Card
  • Golf Clubs or gift card to his favorite golf course
  • Tickets to his favorite sporting event
  • A t-shirt for his favorite team
  • A night out to dinner at his favorite spot
  • A photo album



PINK’S PICKS: In-Law’s Gift Guide!

Can you BELIEVE it’s that time of the year!?!? Holiday season 2023 is officially upon us! As you know, I love being a resource to help you find the best gifts, while also giving you tips, and tricks for fashion, health, wellness and everything in between. I am excited to kick off the holiday PINK’S PICKS GIFT GUIDES with the most REQUESTED – Gifts for In-Laws (or your SO parents). I have built this guide based on legit feedback and there is something for ANY in-law or parent in your life. These gifts are truly perfect for a duo and are very gender neutral. HAPPY SHOPPING –




There is no better gift than one that tugs at the heartstrings or reminds someone of a special memory. A custom picture frame is such a cute gift to give with a special photo memory. It’s sweet, thoughtful and doesn’t break the bank! My favorite one above is from Etsy but you could truly find any frame and add a special photo in it! Here are some other cute frames too:



Honestly, ANYTHING custom goes as a GREAT gift for in-laws. I LOVEEE a custom cheeseboard – Mark & Graham makes my favorite one. But check out below ALL the great customized gifts from their site! There is something for everyone – custom jewelry holders, custom travel bags and MORE! Here are my other favorites:




Alright- I know what you’re thinking – what’s a good TECH gift for in-laws?! My absolute #1 recommendation is THE HATCH!!!! If you’ve read my recent post on this, you know I am OBSESSED and The Hatch has CHANGED the game for my routine. This is truly a gift that someone would USE and it’s actually EASY to use. Yes- it does require a smartphone but it’s simple as that. This sound machine/alarm clock replaces the cellphone alarm and also can be used as a “light” alarm aka light wakes you up. The Hatch can help support better sleep, deep relaxation and eliminates the need for that jarring iPhone alarm. Highly recommend!

Here are some other TECH gift ideas – including a “smart” meat thermometer, and MUG warmer: Keeping it simple:




I know it can be overwhelming on what to get in-laws or parents. You want to gift something cool and useful. Here are a few UNIQUE gift ideas that will stand out from the rest:

This custom New York Times birthday book would OF COURSE be great for a birthday but also for any holiday. This custom book features all the news on any particular date – it’s SO cool and would also be cool to do for anniversary too! So unique and a great coffee table addition.

Okay I know you’re thinking- TOWELS?! But these aren’t just TOWELS – they’re the BEST TOWELS EVER.  WHY is this a unique gift? Because it’s unexpected – these towels by Brooklinen will elevate anyone’s hygiene routine. They are SO SOFT, luxurious and a necessity.  We got these as a gift and were blown away the second we used them. The Super Plush Bath Bundle is the best starter pack!

Another one of my recent discoveries- photo album COFEE TABLE BOOKS! This is what we did as our guest book for our wedding and I am obsessed. It’s thick like a coffee table book, filled with blank pages. You could create an entire custom book with photos from the year, notes to your in-laws or just give them a blank one to fill themselves! Plus, it’s under $40 – it’s so chic too!

Also I know you’re thinking – SOAP?! But please agree with me- there’s nothing better than fancy soap and it’s honestly such a great gift- it’s something that no one would buy themselves (except me because I am weird lol) If you know Aesop, then you know this is pure luxury and SLEEEEK. A great gift. I love how this is pack a is duo – it features a rinse wash and a “rinse free” wash. Basically, a soap and a hand sanitizer. Perfect for any home! Plus- the smell is heavenly.

Other great ideas: gift card to their favorite restaurant, a cooking class, or even a massage/pedicure gift card! Happy shopping and stay tuned for the next gift guide!


PINK’S PICKS: Sephora Picks October 2023

It’s that time- another Sephora sale! I LOVE these sales – they’re consistent and help you save money. But OF COURSE, it does NOT mean you HAVE to buy something (I need to remind myself this lol) BUT if you’re looking to try new products or stock up on favorites, now is the time! Also, I am planning to get gifts for the holidays too! Here is the sale timeline and details:

The sale code is TIMETOSAVE 

I wanted to share my picks by category! Happy shopping!







PINK’S PICKS: Hatch Restore

I have officially begun receiving wedding registry gifts and I am SOO excited to start sharing my favorites! This week I am sharing my review of one of the BEST wedding gifts we received so far- the Hatch Restore sound machine/sunrise alarm clock. I initially thought this was just another trendy gadget with little to no purpose, but I was wrong. Here’s the deets:

Why I love Hatch Restore:

I don’t know about you, but I HATE the iPhone alarms. They have the most jarring sounds and I always wake up STRESSED just by the sound alone. When I was browsing for wedding gifts, and came across the Hatch Restore, I was intrigued and added to our Amazon wedding list. They marketed it with the slogan “feel well-rested from sunset to sunrise” and it is designed exactly for that. The sleek alarm has a clock face and optional light, and it is also a sound machine. When we got it, we set it up immediately. Of course, it’s connected to an app but it was simple to connect and set up and WOW this little thing has a LOT of capabilities. You can set up a nighttime routine with sounds, and red light options, and then you can set up your wake-up routine- with additional sounds and lights. I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to wake up naturally to the sound of waves and dim light the next morning at 6 AM. I felt refreshed, relaxed, and ready to take on the day. Literally incredible. Now every night, I love getting into bed with the sound of classical music or nature noises, it puts me right to sleep and I wake up significantly more energized. BYEEE iPHONE SOUNDS!!

The other great thing about the Hatch Restore is they offer you a 60-day trial and even a 30-day trial with their membership. The membership is essentially access to exclusive specific content, such as guided meditations, sleep stories, and so on. I personally don’t have this but it is a nice option in case you want more content. I feel like sleep stories would be great for kids!

My favorite feature is the sunrise alarm- this is when the device wakes you up with light and not sound. It’s designed to mimic the sunrise with various colors- orange, light pink, and light yellow. I was nervous I wouldn’t wake up but it WORKS and I love it so much. It’s so peaceful. But I generally just love how you can completely personalize each routine and change it up as needed. But if you want to be more restful, and less stressed waking up – the Hatch Restore is for you! Ditch the phone alarms.

When to use Hatch Restore:

Hatch Restore can be used as simply an alarm or for all your evening and morning routines. It has so many options. Set it up on your nightstand, download the app and you will find the best option for you. I highly recommend the sunrise alarm, falling asleep to the waves sound or both for the best sleep ever. You can also change the settings at any time! We love to update the evening sounds but I personally LOVE waking up to the waves.

Hatch also has other products for children and babies, including the RestGo, the Rest+, which are sound machines for babies and children to promote better sleep. I’ve heard so many good things about these products too so if you’re a mom or soon to be mom, add to your registry 🙂

Where to buy Hatch Restore:

You can buy the Hatch restore directly on their website or of course, on Amazon! This would be SUCH a great gift for only $129! I am OBSESSED

Overall Rating: 5/5

Robb and I are both obsessed with the Hatch – we wake up WAY less stressed and just overall more relaxed. It’s so peaceful to use at night too. We’re definitely going to gift this!! Let me know if you give it a try!



Can you believe FALL IS UPON US?! Even though I am still sweating in OC, I am ready for fall fashion and Shopbop is having an incredible FALL SALE! Use code FALL20 for 20% off select items! The sale ends Wednesday, September 20th. Shop my favorites below:

Shopbop Fall Sale Picks:










I am ready to spill my secret on the best hack EVER. Literally- you will thank you me later 🙂 So I am obsessed with sunglasses. I have terrible eyesight and I rely on sunglasses 99.9% of the time. I also have an expensive taste for sunglasses. I discovered one of the BEST online retailers to find reasonably priced designer sunglasses. It’s both a blessing and a curse LOL but I am SOO stoked to share – EZ ContactsHere’s the deets:


EZ Contacts is an online eyewear retailer with INSANE deals. They offer contacts, glasses, and of course, sunglasses. I was initially skeptical of the prices but after ordering MULTIPLE pairs of sunglasses – they’re LEGIT and the only place I buy sunglasses from now.  They offer quick shipping and discounted pricing AND you can even use your FSA/HSA accounts to pay for anything that qualifies. And you can even add prescriptions to your glasses! I originally found the site after I found a pair of YSL sunglasses I wanted but they were $550. I couldn’t get myself to pull the trigger. I went home and typed in the model online and found EZ Contacts- and they were only  $328!!  I know – still expensive BUT a steal in my opinion. I ordered them and when I got them, it came in the designer case and they were LEGIT.  I always keep my eye on the site because their prices do fluctuate, but EZ Contacts is amazing – here are my FAVORITE FINDS for incredible prices:



These are the ones I wear the most- the YSL SL M94



My newest obsession – the YSL SL M115

Shop Robb’s Ray Ban’s HERE!

I always keep my tabs on the site because like I said, prices change often and they have random sales and promo codes!!

Shop all my favorite’s here:



This is one of my best kept secrets so ENJOY!!!! Let me know if you find a favorite pair!

PINK’S PICKS: Branch Basics

I am SO excited to review my new holy grail home care product- Branch Basics. When I was doing my spring cleaning this year, I wanted to de-toxify my house. To me, that meant getting rid of any products that are harmful/toxic, including products with fragrances, parabens, Formaldehydes, and the endless list of other “bad for you” ingredients. I knew I needed to start first with my cleaning supplies since this is something I use daily that is touching our surfaces, floors, and therefore anything else that touches those things aka ME. When I started researching, I came across Branch Basics and I am obsessed. Here are the deets:

Why I love Branch Basics:

I am just SO over the toxic product world – once I did my own research on what is found in products like regular Tide detergent, bleach, and Clorox wipes, I knew I needed to clean out my cleaning supplies. (If you’re curious, look up any product on!) Getting new cleaning supplies is such an easy swap I knew could make an impact on my daily life by eliminating my exposure to known harmful ingredients.  It’s the one product I use daily on pretty much any surface I touch. When I Google searched  “best non-toxic cleaning supplies” and the Branch Basics slogan immediately caught my eye – clean without compromise– that is what I was looking for.

They simply created a non-toxic, plant/mineral-based concentrate to replace all cleaning supplies – you just simply add water to the concentrate! Plus, it’s fragrance-free and actually works to get out the grime on everyday surfaces. And I really mean it- it works!!  The Branch Basic’s starter kit is the way to go – they provide you with the concentrate and bottles to make bathroom cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, streak-free cleaner, and hand soap plus you get non-toxic laundry detergent. It’s seriously SO simple and lasts forever. I have had the same kit for 6+ months and use it daily. I also have noticed our house just feels better- no weird bleach smells that give me a headache and I just feel better knowing I am using products daily that aren’t harmful to me and my family.

If you’re skeptical, you can even try a trial kit for $5- click here! You can also select to get the glass bottles or plastic bottles– I love options. Plus, they have an A+ rating on the EWG website! (aka the environmental working group approves!)

Where to find Branch Basics:

You can shop all Branch Basics products directly on their website. They have different options of kits and products – shop here!

Overall Rating:

If you’re looking to elevate your cleaning game AND de-toxify your home, Branch Basics is a 5/5 – STELLAR. This is a PINK’S PICK without a doubt. Let me know if you give it a try!

Shop the Premium Starter Kit Here!