What Am I Up To?! 2022

HELLLOOO friends! I noticed some new faces following along on my Instagram and a lot of questions on what I do LOL because YES… I do a lot. Between working a full time corporate job, working out, taking classes, cooking healthy meals and traveling, I also do content creation for this blog and freelance on the side. So I figured I’d share a bit of my life as of Feb 2022 and the different versions of me as of late….I am always riding the wave of change! 🙂

 Corporate Pink:

I currently work full time in the Medical Device Industry and it is truly one of my passions. I love that I get to work in technology combined with healthcare and be a small part of saving patients’ lives on a daily basis. I work within marketing so I also get to flex my creativity skill set while also leaning heavily into the technical and the anatomical aspects to help drive clear messaging to our customers and internal teams on a global scale. It is the most rewarding career and I am always happy to chat with anyone looking to get into the industry. I spent a few years at great technology companies but it wasn’t until I dipped my toe in the medical space that I actually felt like what I did mattered and made a true positive impact on people. I am ultimately driven by helping others so I am so excited to continue to grow in the industry!

Content Creation Pink:

In the middle of COVID, I created this blog! I actually have always been blogging but only to family and friends and realized I needed to take a leap of faith and put it online and Instagram. I always held back because of fear to be honest. With age, I finally started to care less what people think and am more committed to doing what I like regardless of opinions lol. I wish I started this 5 years ago so if you’re on the verge of wanting to try something new, DO IT! “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second best time is now”. That is my favorite Chinese proverb because it is SO true! But I dedicate time through the week/weekend to review great products to share with you all and also my fav tips and tricks in life on IG stories. I haven’t made a single dime doing this but I just LOVE it and that is what drives me to spend the time/energy on top of everything else to share what I love. I wanted to be a resource I feel like I needed on the online world- sharing legit products that work and are high quality while also keeping real. I love curated pictures but I wanted to be more than that. I know my personal brand will evolve but for now thank you all for being here 🙂 The support is what keeps me going too!

Freelance Pink:

Like many others during COVID, I had a lot of time to self reflect and think about what else I love to do. I love brand building, content creation and writing. These are things I have done throughout my career and I knew I had a skillset I could offer to other businesses and brands. So I started taking more online courses to tighten up my skills and began pitching my services and work began to flow! Between writing content, and helping with businesses run their social media, I now will do fun work on the side with others as well. So every now and again you will see me likely supporting I brand I work with. These relationships are important to me since I am picky about who I work with so it still authentic to me and what I like 🙂


So that is life as of late! While I love being busy, I also LOVE prioritizing self-care so always remember to take care of yourself so you can show up as your best in all you do.



Pink’s Picks: Back to Work Edition!

How are we already half way through 2021?! Now that it is July and the world is almost back to being somewhat normal, I am sure many of us are adjusting to places being open, social activities happening and if you’re like me, going back into the office! I am fortunately on a hybrid work schedule but getting ready and heading into the office a few days a week has definitely been an adjustment from just walking downstairs. I do like being back in a routine but there are some things I have had to add into my life to adjust to being in public and not my sweatpants (luckily I work in a business casual office). SO this week I am sharing my Pink’s Picks: Back to Work Edition! I know so many of us are in different work positions but here are some of the favs I have added to get back into the office and just regular life feeling readyyy to rockkkk – click the pic to shop! 

Basic Blazer Lulus

I always loved Lulus for a reasonably priced, trendy blazer. While I love splurging on staples, it can be fun to buy cropped, colored blazers that won’t break the bank for the season! This blazer from Lulus runs true to size and comes in fun colors. Pair with high waisted work pants or even jeans and you’ve got a put together outfit for work and happy hour! 

Functional Slides Steve Madden

While I do love to wear heels, going from sweats to having to be in an office, I had to ease my way in lol. I found these Steve Madden mules (on-sale at Nordstrom!) in the perfect neutral color with a bit of texture that I love. They’re super comfortable and if you work in an office where there are stairs, comfort can be a necessity- plus these are under $50 at Nordstrom!

Perfect Tote Longchamp 

Did anyone else clean out their closets 5+ times during quarantine?! Same and then suddenly I realized I got rid of anything functional for the office….like a tote. I’ve always been a fan of the large Longchamp tote as a great, affordable, grab and go bag. The nylon is also easy to clean. It can fit my laptop, wallet and other items easily for work but also can be used to travel too (sometimes they go on sale at Nordstrom- stay tuned for my Nordstrom Sale Blog Post!) 

To Go Coffee Mug Yeti 

I always like to use my Breville Nespresso for a coffee for my drive to work and Yeti’s technology keeps my drink hot even when I get into the office– t’s the best! Also would make a great gift!

Perfect Denim- MOTHER

I fortunately work in a business casual environment and while I love dresses and dress pants, it can be nice to throw on a great pair of comfortable jeans and MOTHER is the only brand I will grab for. These literally feel like sweatpants AND they’re flattering…so it’s a win/win. (ps there will be a few MOTHER denim items on sale at the Nordstrom Sale…stay tuned)

Classy Scent- Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb

A great perfume is always a nice addition to an outfit or just a good way to boost the energy. I love the Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb– not overwhelming and just a perfect floral scent.  Plus, I love keeping the mini roll-on in my purse at work!

I still feel like I need a complete closet refresh since going back in the office but at least these items are a start to getting into the groove! I can’t wait to share more tips and tricks and finds to help adjusting back to the real world feel fun, easy and exciting (which it is of course!) Stay tuned for next week 🙂

4 Tip & Tricks to Help Set the Tone of Your Day

Happppppy TUESDAY! I’ll be real here – I am a morning person. You’re more likely to find me up and at it at 6am than staying up past 11pm (lol I’m so lame).  Although, there are days where my bed wins. 

I am ALWAYS trying to maximize my time in the day, especially during the week and I know it starts with how I start my morning. My mood, my happiness, my productivity are all set up with my morning routine. 

Let’s face it- with quarantine, our morning routines have likely been different than pre-2020. Now that I work from home more often, I have found a few tips and tricks that help me start my day off with a bang. I am going to share with you 4 tricks that help me set the tone of my day– to be productive, happy, motivated and just ready to kick a$$- because, that’s important these days. 



Hydration is SO important throughout the day but especially in the morning. We wake up from (hopefully) 8 hours of rest without water so the first thing I always do is…drink water!! It helps hydrate the skin, gets the digestive system going and wakes up the entire body. I keep a giant bottle of water filled by my bed and right after my alarm goes off, I sit up, and drink up. I feel more awake, hydrated and ready to get moving (even though sometimes I just want to lay in my bed forever).  Check out one of my fav water bottles here. 

 Make the Bed 

So I have this obsession with making my bed. I can’t stand seeing my bed unmade and it doesn’t help living with a SO who could care less (lol). Not only does it help me feel accomplished, it just makes me feel like some part of my life is in order. Making the bed will give you a small sense of accomplishment (or at least for me!)  Studies also show the tidiness of your room or where you spend a lot of your time directly affects your mood/productivity. Let’s face it, clutter and disorganization do not tend to lead to calmness and productivity. Make the bed, feel empowered and notice how your mood will boost after you complete a small, yet productive task (ironically my childhood self never felt this way when asked to make the bed…)

Skin care 

As you know, I love good, clean, tight, dewy skin. Drinking tons of water leads to great skin but it is so important to hydrate and nourish the skin even further. Plus, who wants to look puffy and tired all day? Not me. So I start my AM skin care routine with an ice roller. This wakes me up, helps stimulate my lymphatic system and de-bloats my face (SUPER helpful after a night of drinking too…).  I take this ice roller and gently roll it over my face for about 5 minutes as I am brewing up a cup of coffee, pushing everything up, then down and out. It’s freezing and def wakes you up! I then add the serums, SPF and moisturizer. Simple, to the point, but now I am feeling even more awake and ready to continue my routine. 

Me time 

It is so easy to let the day take control over you, instead of you taking control of your day. When I used to let myself wake up 10 minutes before I had to be somewhere, that was my life. I never felt like I was in control. Waking up an extra 30 minutes each day and allowing yourself “me time” will help shape the course of your day and allow you to feel more in control. Whether this “me time” is reading, working out, drinking coffee in silence, these extra 30 minutes may help you actually ENJOY something right away, feel content and a little less stressed heading to your job or whatever your day entails. Maybe you need to go to bed 30 minutes earlier to do this. I like to spend 30 minutes each morning, drinking coffee while reading a book, or sometimes, I will go out and walk for 30 minutes to get my blood pumping, and listen to a podcast or even journal. By doing these types of things, I feel ready to dive into my work because I was able to really enjoy something before having to hammer down on responsibilities and a to-do list- this has been especially helpful since transitioning to a consistent WFH environment- where home & work can blend together. 

There you have it!  I don’t think there’s anything better than kicking a$$ at your morning routine to take you on to the rest of your day, amiright? Although there are days when my bed might keep me a little longer, I still love incorporating tips and tricks on the reg to just be happier, less stressed and productive. I loveee morning routines so reach out to share your tips/tricks!!




3 Things I’ve Learned From Living with A Small Business Owner (2020 Edition)

You’ve heard it before…..2020 was a sh*t show. We were ALL impacted in our lives in some way. While the world attempts to get back to normal, I think we can all agree that there is undeniably a new normal on the horizon. The “new normal” will be different for all of us. While I love routine, I think the opportunity to identify new ways to do things has been a gift of 2020 and watching societies, companies, healthcare workers, frontline responders and so many people in general adapt to the chaos of the world has been truly incredible. While I know it wasn’t all butterflies and rainbows and that there were certainly dark periods for each of us trying to navigate the world in turmoil, I have tried to adopt a new way of thinking with 2021 and the reason I have been able to is because of what I witnessed from a small business owner in 2020.

So this small business owner happened to be my roommate throughout 2020….aka my boyfriend Robb lol. He is a partner and co-founder of a digital marketing company called Flying V Group. They are a full scale marketing agency, based in CA and AZ, and they work with over 45 companies as marketing consultants in the digital space. Our lives were rocked throughout the pandemic but especially in the beginning when our living situation changed out of our control- working from home became the new normal, we moved 2 times in a matter of a couple of weeks and we were forced to divide and conquer our living space for work. Let’s just say at the beginning, this change in the world sent Robb off into a spiral (I mean…me too tbh). His negative energy was becoming contagious in our environment but he did also experience a drop in his business, a changed routine, and again, he was working for himself with a small team relying on his leadership and the company itself. Unlike me, working for a large corporation, he had to completely fend for himself and preserve what he had spent building the last 5 years…and I know so many were in the same boat. To get to the point, Robb really rose to the occasion to get ahead, despite the tragedy of the world and I learned A LOT as a witness. He flipped the switch from “why me” to “try me”. The opportunity to work in a small space with each other had it’s MANY downfalls (battling who can take phone calls) but I learned SO much from him and his tenacious energy on how to run a small company and how to adapt during a time of uncertainty.  Oh and also, it is his birthday the day I post this so this is not only my humble brag about my own biggest fan and inspiration, but truly a highlight of the tricks and tips he’s passed on to me as a biz owner that I think anyone could learn from and apply to their lives- even if you’re not managing your own company- it can even be a challenge to manage every day life ya know?

Here are 3 Things I’ve Learned From Living with A Small Business Owner (2020 Edition):


Sometimes life just doesn’t go according to plan- like a pandemic can happen and shake things up. As a business owner, Robb expressed a lot of initial frustrations when his business was hit, not only during 2020 but times before as well. “Why did this happen now”, “Why am I losing clients”, “What am I supposed to do now?” “How can I get to to next level?”. Instead of just sitting around and waiting for the tough times to pass, he simple adapts his business strategy not only for his own company but his client’s as well. While he was extremely fortunate to be in the online space during a time when things shutdown, he used his expertise to help other businesses not as fortunate. He spent hours working with clients who did shutdown (brick & mortars’, client services, etc.) on how to up their online presence, their blogs, their websites, and so on. But he also did the same for his own company. He did experience a slowdown like a lot of us, which gave him time to invest in himself, work on his skills, improve his own marketing and eventually launch a business podcast. He truly showed me how necessary it is to just be adaptable, open to change, and realize that sh*t will happen and you can’t wait for it to be over to get towards your goals. I think for anyone starting something new or working towards a specific goal (like a marathon, work promotion or product launch), when things get in your way or obstacles come up, the best advice is to get creative and adjust. Also educating yourself on what others have done in similar situations can help! (We love the How I Built This Podcast and Tools of Titans book by Tim Ferris– both offer great tips and stories on the art of success AND failures).


We’ve all heard the phrase work smarter, not harder but what does it actually mean? I think many of us can interpret it in different ways but from Robb, I learned this can mean to simply maximize your productivity. This can look different for all of us but I assume most of us have adopted tools that help us stay productive. As a small business owner, I saw Robb manage a pandemic by not letting a “slowdown” slow him down but he actually sped things up without compromising the majority of his time (although he still works 60+ hours a week). He outsourced tasks, invested in productivity tools and didn’t let his failures define his potential future. We’ve all let fear get in our way, and one of the things I’ve learned from witnessing a small business owner in action is to invite failure, learn from it and work smarter because of what you learned. Every no is a step closer to a yes, and if you know someone else is better at something than you, delegate. There are many ways to apply this idea to every day life but implementing your own tools or routines to help you work smarter is worth it. For me personally, it is something as simple as time batching (check out my post here on how this has increased my productivity).


This last one is SO important and a big takeaway I learned by witnessing someone manage their own future and company. During a time when financials were tight, the future was unclear and business was slow, Robb still invested in people who could bring skills to the table he didn’t have. I know this can be expensive and easier said than done, but Robb’s long term mindset is something I learned A LOT from throughout 2020. When it comes to investing in people as a small business owner, it is important to be intentional on who you surround yourself with and I think this applies to everyday life as well. You want to be bound by the same vision, goals and rely on each other’s strengths. Witnessing Robb take this step and invest in his people and new people and opportunities was transformative for his business and I know a lot of corporations can say the same about how valuable human capital can be in scaling a company to the next level. But also I think in life in general, investing in your people is equally as important and nurturing relationships that matter the most –friends, family, co-workers and whoever else in your life you truly care about. Without people, we can’t collaborate

There we have it – 3 things I have learned from small biz owner – 2020 edition! While these are my own takeaways and observations, I hope you may have learned something or thought of ways each of these can be applied to your own life. It’s been a whirlwind the last year and a half!! BUT a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my fav human Robb Fahrion– thank you for teaching me allllll the things and for being a badass. ILY and you’re the only reason I’ve officially launched this blog- diving into my new normal 🙂 



3 Ways to Stay Productive During Quarantine: WFH

Back in March, my company issued a Work from Home policy for employees that don’t need to be in the office to perform their job function. Being on the marketing team, that included me. At first, I thought this is great! No commute, comfy clothes, endless snacks and more time to catch up on some sleep. Now it’s been 4 months, and wow, what an adjustment it has been. Of course, it’s not just that I get to work from home that has been an adjustment, but there’s also a global pandemic going on. It’s safe to say there have been major ups and downs, both mentally and physically. But after much trial and error with trying new routines and ways to stay on track, I have finally found tricks to help keep working at home productive, streamlined and exciting (at least for me!). I am so grateful to still have a job that I absolutely love that has allowed me to continue working at home given the unprecedented time. I am also very aware how blessed I am that I am not a full-time parent on-top of having to perform my full-time job functions. Bless all you wonderful parents! The true rockstars. I also acknowledge how fortunate I am to also be in a role where I am not exposed to the dangers our world is currently facing. Thank you healthcare heroes and all essential workers- I appreciate you! Nonetheless, navigating this new normal has been an experience. Here are 3 things that have worked for me to stay productive, while managing a full time corporate job during a global pandemic:

1.Set up a Separate Space for Work

I know not everyone has the luxury to set up a workstation in their home. But getting creative with this has been key for me. Since my job requires me to work off of my computer, I can truly work from anywhere (with WIFI). It is easy to just pop open a laptop and stay in bed or work on the couch with Friends on in the background. However, since my current ‘every moment’ space is now my office and my home, it has been key to create separation. For me, I had to set up a separate workstation away from all other areas in my home (a desk in a corner area). I invested in a big monitor for double screens and have certain lights turned on when I am working in this space (hello video calls!). But creating this separation allows me to feel like I am “leaving work” when I step away. I close the laptop, turn off the light and don’t go back over there the rest of the evening. I then am able to enjoy my bed and couch and maintain those areas for relaxation (and Friends). If you find yourself having to work in your kitchen or in your room, make an effort to tidy the space from your work items at the end of your work day, such as closing the computer, turning off certain lights or even lighting a candle in the area when your day is over. This will help you mentally escape your work, even if your office is your bedroom.

2.Time Batching

If you’ve never heard of time batching, I am here to tell you this is a productivity life changer. Time batching is a time management and productivity tool where you set specific time aside to focus on very micro tasks. This tool will help you avoid interruptions and distractions. For me, this means setting up certain time blocks in my calendar to focus on very specific things. I get very micro here. I have time set aside to check my inbox and just “favorite” things that I can reply to later. I will put time aside to focus on a specific portion of a project, such as a powerpoint. I even set up time to make sure I get up to walk outside. I will solely focus and do the one task I have set aside during that designated time. For me, being in a very cross-functional and interactive role, my day could easily be dictated by my inbox and incoming calls. I become reactive instead of proactive. Time batching has given me my power back in my days. I will even set a timer on my iPhone, disable email notifications, and put my phone in airplane mode to just get outside for 10-15 minutes. Sometimes it’s even 5 minutes aside to do a load of laundry. But applying this to my work day has been crucial in a new environment where distractions can be as simple as unloading my dishwasher. Time management is a critical skill in the modern corporate world, no matter your role. Don’t let yourself be the excuse things didn’t get done. Be smart, mindful, and own your time, don’t let time own you.

3.Me Time

Self care is all the talk these days. But also, there’s a reason why. Getting time for yourself will help you recharge which in return increases your productivity. For those of us working from home, maintaining a full-time job while in our own personal space, personal time is SO important for our mental health. This means doing something ONLY for you at least once during the day. This doesn’t need to be complicated. It could be meditating for 5 minutes in the morning before your work day. It can be setting time to get outside for 10 minutes. Maybe it is joining a live workout on instagram. Whatever simple thing brings you joy, do it. For me, this is setting time to make sure I get outside every single day. Sunshine makes me happy. Also, I love making my coffee or tea mid- morning, and it’s a moment to myself, away from work for just a moment. It can be so easy to sit in front of our computers all day, and never get away. This can lead to a burn out. We all know it’s important to take breaks. In fact, breaks are good for you! Just be intentional about it. Maybe don’t pick up your phone and scroll mindlessly through instagram. Or if that brings you joy, do it! Do you, focus on you and make time to escape your work, especially during what can feel like monotonous days. This will keep your days interesting, productivity high and (hopefully) improve your mood.

As I said, these are things that have worked for me- a corporate full time employee, working remote, during a pandemic. I luckily still have the same day to day role that I did 4 months ago, but working in the new times has changed the way I navigate my day to day. I am so grateful for technology, and having a comfortable home that allows me to be productive. But looking back at where I was 4 months ago, on my couch, with my laptop open, thinking this was a short term situation, I have come a long way. Implementing these new habits into my routine has helped me still enjoy my job too. I don’t dread the days. If you have added something new into your day as a now remote employee, what has worked for you? I am always looking for new ways to spice it up!

Welcome to my World!!

Hello! Hi. How’s it going?

My name is Alexandra Rose Pink. I am an avid traveler, health nut, book nerd, fitness freak, and really just passionate about anything wellness. Welcome to a glimpse of my world.

By saying that, I guess I really am starting a blog? Like hey, let me just put some stuff on the internet, hope people read it and call it a blog! But then I was thinking, what even defines ‘blog’? Well, to get technical here, a blog is a ‘regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style’. So that’s what I am doing. Being informal, conversational, regularly, on the internet. Whew. I can handle that.

Ok but seriously. Why am I here? Well, aside from many friends encouraging me to do so, I realized I love a lot of different things and I want to be a resource for millennials everywhere and share my favorite tips and tricks, wellness finds while also building a community. Basically, this blog will be a medley of things I love- you never know what you will get but I promise it will never be boring! Plus, with the current state of the world, I figured now is the time to really get out of my comfort zone.

Blogging really is an outlet that allows you to share your day to day in the moment, while also documenting your growth over time. I am not really into the idea of growing up (like do I need botox yet?), but if a blog can keep me present while also helping me appreciate where I started from, I’m into it. Plus, I have been writing a blog for years without ever posting it…so I am excited to share some of the things I have kept hidden for so long…really going to get vulnerable here too.

So there’s that! But maybe I should introduce myself, since now you have an idea of why I am here (and if you’re still reading, bless your sweet soul).

I was born and raised in a small town in Northern California. I attended UCLA (go Bruins!) and graduated and immediately moved to San Francisco where I spent my time in sales in the tech world at both Yelp and Google. After commuting 4+ hours a day, and feeling SO lost as a young millennial, I decided I needed a change. I packed up my bags, left my comfort zone and beloved Northern California, and moved to Orange County- never thought I’d ever be back in SoCal! I landed a job in the Medical Device industry and I have never been happier. I am a nerd for health and science during the day, and share my love for wellness, business, beauty, fashion and travel at night. I am also a writer, brand builder and social media manager on the side. Like I said, I have a medley of loves! Also, did I mention I really love dogs?

All in all, I just want to experience all this world has to offer while I am here and take good care of myself so I can do just that to the fullest. If you want to join the ride, please, come along. It may be bumpy (cue 2020) but I promise you, it’ll be worth it.