Happy FRIYAY! I am in the middle of the most chaotic “corporate” work period of my life right now. All good things, but a lot of stress and I love that I have this outlet to still share what I am passionate about. i just love sharing my finds and products, whether it’s clothes, beauty products, home products, or in this case, BODY WASH lol. This week’s pink product review is one of my favorite products: Attitude Body Wash (EWG Verified)I know you’re wondering, “What is EWG and why should I care?!”. I will give you ALL the details but if you’re looking to make small changes in your life, with products that are GOOD for you, this one is for you:


EWG (Environmental Working Group) has a mission to put a spotlight on harmful ingredients and practices across multiple industries (agriculture, consumer products, food and water, and so on).  You can read all about their mission here but they are also committed to informing the public about harmful chemicals and created the EWG Verified data base to help consumers, like you and me, make conscious choices on products that serve us, not hurt us.  Did you know personal products, such as makeup and skincare are NOT required to be tested for safety before being sold on the market?! There are SO many products available now and as you know, so many ingredients go into these products. EWG Verified is a mark on a product that confirms a product is free of harmful chemicals on the EWG list. But it doesn’t stop there. EWG also have consumer guides on your tap water (you likely need a water filter), sunscreen and even baby products. I highly recommend downloading the EWG Verified app and you can easily look up some of your products and see where they fall on their scale.  Click here to see what it takes for a product to become EWG Verified.  Here’s a look at the scale:

EWG Verified really just means a product is free of harmful sh*t, which is what I want for my home, my skin and I try my best to be at least as “toxic” free as possible in this crazy world!!


Like I said, I am always looking for easy swaps in my home to make everything “less toxic”. When it came to body wash, I had a hard time finding a product free of harmful fragrances that actually WORKED and smelled good. Like what’s the point of an unscented body wash?! Also, body wash/body soap is the one product I use daily, pretty much everywhere on my body and I wanted make sure I was using one as “clean” as possible. When I downloaded the EWG Verified App, I searched for the best body wash. After trying a few on the EWG list, ATTITUDE is my absolute favorite.  Not only does it smell amazing, it leaves my skin soft and moisturized, which I found other body washes do not do. It’s dermatology tested, vegan and comes in the perfect, giant bottle that lasts forever. My favorite scent is White Tea leaves and Orange Leaves but I honestly love them all. It comes in a giant bottle with the pump, which is easy to use. Formulated with over 98% naturally sourced ingredients, the ATTITUDE body wash is also full of vitamin-rich benefits, including watercress and Indian cress that have purifying properties.  Again, body wash is the one product you likely use daily all over your body so why not use one that not only works but is also full of clean ingredients?! ATTITUDE IS IT. It’s also reasonably priced at $20 for a giant bottle. Plus, I love how you can order directly off of Amazon. I’ve re-ordered this now over 10 times on my Amazon.


I always buy my ATIITUDE products on Amazon but you can also find them on Thrive Market, and directly on their website. I also love their deodorant!  


Because this product smells good and WORKS plus is a clean brand, I rate ATTITUDE body wash a solid 4/5 on the Pink’s Picks scale. The only thing I’d change about it: making it more aesthetically pleasing in the shower (or even a glass bottle!!) But honestly, it’s just the best clean body wash on the market I have yet to try. Have you tried it yet?! Let me know what else I should review!