Can you believe LOVE day is almost here?! While I am all about a homemade gift or a homemade meal, sometimes it is fun to spoil your loved one extra on Valentine’s Day. Plus, who doesn’t love a good gift?! Here are my picks for the gal or guy in your life for an extra special LOVE day 🙂

Valentine’s Day 2023 GIFT PICKS 

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20 Thing’s I Learned in My 20’s!

Happy happy new year! I also somehow turned 30 last week?! Literally INSANE – I still feel 17 LOL. I had the best time celebrating in my favorite town- Park City- skiing and eating all week. It was the best. In light of turning 30, I thought I should share what I learned in my 20’s. I finally feel so calm and at peace at this age but my 20’s was a definite RIDE and there’s SO many things I wish I had known during that chaotic decade. So I am going to share 20 Thing’s I Learned in My 20’s- from my 30 year old self 🙂

20’s Things I Learned in my 20’s: 

1. WEAR SUNSCREEN – the best anti-aging product there is! Your older self will thank you!

2. Your job DOES NOT define you- if you hate your job, find a new one. Life is too short to be miserable every day

3. Spend time with you parents- time is precious!

4. Open a 401K or investment account ASAP! Let that money builddddd

5. Friend groups become smaller but remember quality > quantity 

6. Don’t let other people’s judgement cloud your own- you know yourself better than they do

7. Go on dates! A bad date is one step closer to the best date of your life 

8. TRAVEL!! Go to the places of your dreams with your friends (use that PTO!) 

9;  A concert on a Wednesday night? Happy hour on a Tuesday? Say YES to random moments- they’re worth it 

10. Call your friends who live far away and remind them you love them

11. Traditions change as you get older- embrace it

12. Go to music festivals- eventually the idea of attending one sounds terrible LOL

13. Invest in quality fashion pieces, not trendy ones

14. Less screen time = more present moments. Ditch the screen when you’re with the ones you love! Your phone will always be there

15. Don’t try and be like everyone else- that’s boring. Embrace who you are and be apologetically YOU- you’ll attract the right people

16. New Years will always be overrated- save your money and stay home 

17. Learn to cook! You’ll learn to save money on food and your HEALTH is WEALTH

18. Build healthy habits- they’ll go a long way

19.  Don’t compare your life to someone else’s online- it’s a highlight reel and real life is much more fun than scrolling

20. Age is just a number- life is what you make of it 😉

I can’t wait to enjoy the decade with you ALL!!!

Our Engagement Photoshoot in Laguna Beach

We’re officially ONE YEAR OUT from our WEDDINGI I simply can’t believe it! We finally have our venue, a date and a couple of vendors picked – it is so real!

We also finally did our engagement photos and I HAVE to share- we had SUCH a blast. My vision for our engagement photos was to capture what we love and something timeless. I did not want us frolicking in a field essentially LOL. My recommendation is to make a date out of it. Our photographer, Crista, KILLED IT – she is the best in the game!  if you’re in the OC, I recommend checking her out- she brought my idea to life- even though it was bit windy!! We just had the best time EVER! Here are my favs (all in Laguna beach):

Linked my dresses here too! 





You guys know I love sharing my FAV things so I decided to do a Friday Favs twice a month to showcase more of my current fav brands/items in a simple format. Today I am keeping it short and sweet but I discovered two amazing brands I need to share. (CLICK THE PHOTOS TO SHOP!)


I finally got my hands on Eberjey pajamas and the hype is REALLLLL. Target made a knockoff version of these that I loved but I found they only lasted a season (which is fine considering they’re about $20) but these are worth the hype and price. SOOO soft and they have the cutest prints. You can also customize them with embroziery which I think is SO fun and the perfect gift idea (hint: mothers day is around the corner!!) You can buy so many fun pairs directly through their website. You can also get some pairs on Nordstrom too!! 


You’ve likely heard of Le Labo. They’re a luxury fragrance, candle,&  personal care brand from NY that specializes in intentional fragrance and craftmanship in all their products. Their unique stores are SO cool – NYC industrial vibe but welcoming and you can add a personal touch to any product you purchase from there. Yes- the price tag is steep BUT their products are unlike anything else on the market in my opinion. Their perfumes are not like ANYTHING I’ve ever smelled (in a good way lol)- unique and mesmerizing. My favorite right now is the Matcha….I am OBSESSED! My friend Erin had it and I was soo into the smell I had to get it myself and then my mom did too LOL that’s when you know it’s good. And their candles….so luxurious and cute because you can add a personal touch on it (a date, name, and location). We got one as an engagement gift and I am OBSESSED and the Santal smell is SO good. You can also get some of their products at Nordstrom now! But if you’re in OC, there is a store right in Lido Village!


Stay tuned for more FRIDAY FAVS SO SOON!



Energizing SMOOTHIE Recipe (VEGAN + GF)

I am on a smoothie kick…I tend to have these moments every few months but I have to share my current obsessed. This recipe was inspired by Dr. Hyman’s Blueberry smoothie but I simplified it for my own sanity lol. Here are the deets:


1/2 Cup of Frozen WILD Blueberries (regular blueberries work but WILD blueberries benefits are INSANE- much more antioxidants)

1 Banana (frozen or not)

1-2 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk (I use the MALK brand) 

1/4 of a lemon, cut- rind and all!

2 Dates (or honey for sweetness)

1 Cup of Spinach or Greens

1/2 Scoop of any vanilla protein powder (I like the Garden Life Sport one!) 

Handful of ice



Add all ingredients to a blender and BLEND! Add more liquid depending on the consistency you like

Pour in a glass and ENJOY!




What Am I Up To?! 2022

HELLLOOO friends! I noticed some new faces following along on my Instagram and a lot of questions on what I do LOL because YES… I do a lot. Between working a full time corporate job, working out, taking classes, cooking healthy meals and traveling, I also do content creation for this blog and freelance on the side. So I figured I’d share a bit of my life as of Feb 2022 and the different versions of me as of late….I am always riding the wave of change! 🙂

 Corporate Pink:

I currently work full time in the Medical Device Industry and it is truly one of my passions. I love that I get to work in technology combined with healthcare and be a small part of saving patients’ lives on a daily basis. I work within marketing so I also get to flex my creativity skill set while also leaning heavily into the technical and the anatomical aspects to help drive clear messaging to our customers and internal teams on a global scale. It is the most rewarding career and I am always happy to chat with anyone looking to get into the industry. I spent a few years at great technology companies but it wasn’t until I dipped my toe in the medical space that I actually felt like what I did mattered and made a true positive impact on people. I am ultimately driven by helping others so I am so excited to continue to grow in the industry!

Content Creation Pink:

In the middle of COVID, I created this blog! I actually have always been blogging but only to family and friends and realized I needed to take a leap of faith and put it online and Instagram. I always held back because of fear to be honest. With age, I finally started to care less what people think and am more committed to doing what I like regardless of opinions lol. I wish I started this 5 years ago so if you’re on the verge of wanting to try something new, DO IT! “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second best time is now”. That is my favorite Chinese proverb because it is SO true! But I dedicate time through the week/weekend to review great products to share with you all and also my fav tips and tricks in life on IG stories. I haven’t made a single dime doing this but I just LOVE it and that is what drives me to spend the time/energy on top of everything else to share what I love. I wanted to be a resource I feel like I needed on the online world- sharing legit products that work and are high quality while also keeping real. I love curated pictures but I wanted to be more than that. I know my personal brand will evolve but for now thank you all for being here 🙂 The support is what keeps me going too!

Freelance Pink:

Like many others during COVID, I had a lot of time to self reflect and think about what else I love to do. I love brand building, content creation and writing. These are things I have done throughout my career and I knew I had a skillset I could offer to other businesses and brands. So I started taking more online courses to tighten up my skills and began pitching my services and work began to flow! Between writing content, and helping with businesses run their social media, I now will do fun work on the side with others as well. So every now and again you will see me likely supporting I brand I work with. These relationships are important to me since I am picky about who I work with so it still authentic to me and what I like 🙂


So that is life as of late! While I love being busy, I also LOVE prioritizing self-care so always remember to take care of yourself so you can show up as your best in all you do.



Vegan Espresso Martini Recipe!

HAPPY 2022 YA’LL…..I am SOOO ready for a new year. I am excited to leave behind some of the chaotic moments of 2021 so in all honestly, the bar is pretty low for the new year LOL. However, I am still trying to commit to being somewhat “vegan” aka trying to eat plants but listening to my body when it may need animal products (sometimes my body CRAVES iron and steak!!). But I love re-creating vegan versions of my favorite things and one of those things is an espresso martini. Espresso Martinis are just a fun cocktail to keep the night going when you need a lil energy or jazz in your life (espresso = caffeine). I mastered the perfect recipe when you want a vegan version since the typical liqueur, Kahlua, has dairy in it. Try out this recipe on a fun Saturday night at home or on any special occasion!

Vegan Espresso Martini Recipe



1 Part Espresso (or cold brew! make sure it’s cold)

1 Part Vodka (I use Tito’s)

1 Part Bailey’s Almande Dairy Free Almond Drink

Espresso/Coffee bean (optional)


Combine Ice, Espresso, Vodka and Bailey’s in a shaker (or use a mason jar if you don’t have a shaker!) I use one shot glass of each ingredient. Shake it up and pour into a glass, Add coffee bean on top for an extra treat! Enjoy 🙂

Pink’s Place Review: Top 5 OC Coffee Shops

I LOVE coffee…like LOVE. So, it is no surprise that I always hunt for the best local coffee shop no matter where I am at (sorry – Starbucks doesn’t do it for me). After moving to Orange County a few years ago, I started to hunt down the best coffee spots. To me, a stellar coffee shop has great coffee (duh), a calming/fun aesthetic vibe, and a friendly staff. SO, after years of scouring the area, I have finalized my list for OC! Here they are:

Orange County’s Top 5 Coffee Shops:

Kit Coffee

My #1 go-to coffee spot is Kit Coffee. Located at the cute Westcliff shopping center in Newport Beach, Kit Coffee is a simplistic, community-driven local shop that not only has incredible coffee and lattes, but also amazing fast-casual brunch options (like avocado toast). I just love any drink I have had here and their staff is always so friendly. The earthy, minimalist interior is v calming and they also sell plants and local artisan goods. They offer great indoor seating, and outdoor spots as well, and it gets busy on the weekend, but worth the wait. This is a great spot for grab and go or to meet a friend to enjoy a coffee and brunch outside – I love a spot that offers the best of both worlds! I go here at least once a week. My go-to orders: Almond milk latte or dirty chai latte or just a simple pour over. The garden toast is amazing too! (you can order online and pick it up to-go too!) 

Reborn Coffee

When I lived in Corona Del Mar, I probably spent a good portion of my paycheck at Reborn Coffee and I have 0 regrets lol. This place is SO good – incredible coffee drinks (even just their black coffees/pour overs too) and has a moody vibe that just feels right. Located right on PCH in the heart of CDM, Reborn Coffee uses their “reborn process” during the coffee making process. This means they carefully process and wash their coffee beans, use specific water when brewing and truly put incredible effort into each step of their craft. (they also have other locations you can find here!) I would walk here regularly and the staff is always helpful and sweet. They offer local pastries (always a vegan and gluten free option) and also serve empanadas (random but so good). My go-to orders: Americano, chai latte with almond milk, Chagachinno with almond milk (yes- they use Renude’s superfood mushroom powder in a coffee- don’t judge until you try it!) 

Alta Coffee

Another local fav coffee shop of mine is Alta Coffee. Located on the Peninsula in Newport Beach, Alta is a breakfast/lunch house and also a coffee shop. They serve organic coffees and also pastries too. During the pandemic, we would love to come here to grab a drink then walk the beach – they have a great location on a little street behind Lido. They have great breakfast too that you could order online to pick up to-go. Because of COVID, you order outside the shop and wait outside for your order. They did recently start seating people outside for breakfast/lunch again. They have GREAT service – always friendly. They do get busy on the weekends, but I think the wait is worth it. My go-to orders: Almond milk latte, black coffee, or iced coffee plus any of their omelets 🙂  

Coffee Dose

Looking for coffee with a side of sass? Coffee Dose is for you! This cute Orange County location is inside a hair salon (sounds weird, but it works) and is no stranger to sarcastic humor and great coffee (a dreamy combo). They offer an eclectic selection of coffee drinks – like wellness lattes with collagen, charcoal and turmeric. Their sweeteners and fun spin on drinks are homemade and original too, so no weird gunk and fake shit. It is not a menu for everyone, but they also still manage to offer great regular lattes and iced coffees too. It’s a very Instagram-y vibe with a mural on the small outdoor area wall and pink tile throughout and of course their infamous cups have funny and witty slogans that are bound to make your Instagram story. While ironically one of their slogans is “anti-bitch” serum, the employees are not always the friendliest. However, I always give coffee baristas the benefit of the doubt since I am also cranky before coffee. They also offer great baked goods, CBD products and fun merch too. I recommend this place to anyone looking to spice up their coffee game, but it is more of a grab and go spot. My go-to orders: Detox Latte, The Beauty Latte – w/no syrup or a regular coffee or almond milk latte. They also have a location in West LA too!

Moongoat Coffee

Another favorite spot of mine is Moongoat Coffee. Located in Westside Costa Mesa, Moongoat Coffee is a large warehouse turned coffee shop with major hipster vibes but in a welcoming/cool way. They offer a wide range of drinks – like a churro latte and even an iced coffee mixed with sparkling water (was kinda good lol). I have enjoyed their matcha too. There is definitely something for everyone here on the menu when it comes to drinks and I love getting to try so many different things. They also have a ton of food options – like bagels, avocado toast, oatmeal – and everything I’ve had has been SO good (vegan and gf options). They offer great seating – both indoor and outdoor. The large open indoor space makes this a great place to grab a coffee and study or work or to meet up with a friend. I also found out they hold group meetings and open mic nights here. The baristas are also super nice and friendly and they allow dogs too! It’s just a great vibe in an unassuming neighborhood and every experience I have here has been top notch.  My go-to orders: Iced matcha latte, hot americano, gf/vegan banana bread. 

Other notable mentions:

Philz Coffee

Hola Adios Coffeeshop

Coffee Nature 

Coffee Importers

WIP Work In Progress Goods

Stay tuned for a giveaway soon that may or may not have to do with coffee! 🙂

Pink’s Place Review: PARK CITY!

After a few days in Park City, I can officially say this is one of my new favorite little towns. I absolutely LOVE the mountains so I knew I was in for a treat. However, Park City was the perfect blend of the great authentic outdoors and rustic luxury (making this a thing lol). I am sharing our favorite spots, activities and so on. We legit already have plans to go back…and my new goal is to own a home here. 🙂

First off, if you live in SoCal, Park City is SO easy to get to. You fly less than an hour and half into Salt Lake City and it is less than a 40 minute drive to PC. Loved it. Here are our details/places we LOVED:

Where to Stay in Park City:

We booked our first few nights with AvantStay. If you haven’t heard of AvantStay, you need to jump on it. This is like Airbnb, but better. They offer vacation stays, but with curated experiences and special touches. For example, when we arrived, we had a special welcome package waiting for us and through their app, you can book a private chef, cleaning services and book other experiences/hospitality services. We loved it and the property we stayed at is linked here called Slopeside (will be back for ski season!!). With the hot tub on the balcony, record player and special touches, we had the BEST stay. It was a perfect distance to downtown Park City –  far enough away for a quiet vibe and right on a golf course. I highly recommend AvantStay for large groups or small! 

Where to Eat in Park City:


The most upscale meal we had was at Firewood. Located right on Main Street, the vibe here is very tranquil, rustic and I loved that all the food is cooked by a wood fire. I am obsessed with that smokey flavor and smell! We ordered an amazing salad to start and then I opted for the vegan option on the menu, a broccoli cake, which was actually phenomenal even though it sounds strange and Robb ordered and enjoyed the steak (he even had a bite of the broccoli cake and said it was “Not bad.” LOL 😂). This would be a great place to check out if you’re looking for a nice, upscale dining experience with a mountain vibe. 

Yuki Yama

The thought of sushi in a landlocked state freaked me out (especially coming from CA), but Yuki Yama delivered. Apparently they fly in fresh fish daily and their menu was a sushi lover’s heaven. Every single roll, veggie, and small plate we ordered was SO SO SO good. This may have been my favorite meal overall. Order the Yama-Mame (edamame in garlic goodness) and Beatrix Kiddo roll (veggie roll but TRUST good). 

High West Distillery Saloon

Pretty much everyone recommended High West when I asked for Park City recommendations. Known for their world-class whiskey, High West Distillery Saloon is a bar/restaurant in Park City, but they also have an actual large distillery about 25 minutes outside of Park City. This restaurant and saloon are in an old building that has cool updates displayed throughout, including large tanks where they ferment/store their whiskeys. But what must also be noted about this place is their food. We came here for lunch and the food was exceptional. I ordered the tacos, vegan style and they were amazing. We also came here just for drinks that were also bomb – they have many whiskey drink options that even a non-whisky lover would enjoy (plus other wine/beer/drink options). High West also owns the restaurant next door called Nelson Cottage. We couldn’t get a reservation here but we want to go here when we come back. They offer a prix-fixe menu that changes weekly with a whiskey pairing. Sounds amazing! Definitely check this place out if you’re ever in Park City! 


Another place I received a lot of recommendations for was Handle. Located a bit off of Main Street, Handle offered family style small/large plates and fun, craft cocktails in a modern vibe atmosphere. They were accommodating of any dietary preferences and their menu was fun to order off of – I just love sharing! The standouts were: the cauliflower, pickled carrots, bread and shishito peppers. It was a perfect meal and would highly recommend checking it out for dinner! 

Deer Valley Grocery Cafe

We loved exploring Deer Valley and stopped by Deer Valley Grocery Cafe for lunch. A small grocery store with a cafe? My dream. They offered fresh salads, sandwiches, breakfast and grab and go market items.  I ordered the kale salad (& picked up some small, local snacks) and Robb loved the turkey chilli (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – this is Robb proofreading) and chicken wrap. It has a cute outdoor patio alongside a pond that was relaxing on a perfect summer day. We will be back!!


Another iconic brunch/lunch spot in Park City is Five5eeds. They offer great coffee, fresh breakfast and lunch items with a healthy twist. I loved the chia seed pudding, and will be back to try more! It was crowded so we ordered it to go.


Harvest is the perfect place to grab a quick coffee or green smoothie. I came here twice and loved it. Very LA 🙂 

Pink Elephant Coffee

Another great coffee shop was Pink Elephant Coffee. Located above a cool store, Pink Elephant offered great coffee, lattes, cold brew and also juices from Land Juicery (we tried the wellness shots and a green juice). I also tried their vegan/gluten free coffee cake and I am still thinking about it…

Where to Drink in Park City:

No Name Saloon

Amazing, old time saloon with a rooftop. You must come here as it is a Park City staple and has been there for ever!!! Be sure to get a spot on the roof for the best views!

High West Distillery

As I mentioned above, incredible drinks and outdoor vibe and indoor bar!

St. Regis Hotel Deer Valley

We loved taking the funicular up to the St. Regis hotel for drinks. The view is amazing, the bartenders are incredibly friendly and the drinks were also great. They have a great outdoor area with a cozy fireplace where you can take in the views and enjoy a cocktail. You have to try the espresso martini – be sure to ask Grant to make it. Robb and his friend Chad ordered one, okay maybe 5 or 6 old fashioneds and they said that they were amazing. This place is awesome. Definitely take the time to head up there and Deer Valley offers incredible views both at night and during the day. 

What to Do In Park City: 


We opted for a basic slopeside hike up the Park City mountain. We accessed this at the top of Empire Avenue (right by Main Street). It was easy, pretty and a good workout in the altitude. Next time, we want to do the Armstrong Trail.

St. Regis Hotel Spa- Remede Spa

We love checking out spas when we travel and Remede did not disappoint. With incredible amenities including locker rooms, sauna, steam room and a whirlpool, we both felt very relaxed and were beyond happy with our experience. We got pedicures and we were served with incredible drinks and even better service. Ask for Erin!

To Wrap It Up:

Park City is truly one of my new fav places and I can’t wait to ski the slopes this winter. Any other fav mountain towns you love? Plz share!!

Thinking Of Going Vegan? Sharing My Journey!

It’s been 6 months now since I have gone plant based. WILDDDD. I ironically made this decision while eating a steak (lol). I have now spent the last few months strictly eating mainly plants and whole foods and avoiding dairy and all meat products. So how do I feel? I know everyone’s journey is different but I wanted to share mine!

Why I Decided to Go Vegan

During the pandemic, I realized I was eating and drinking WAY more than normal (like many of us, right? STRESS!). I was still working out regularly so I didn’t really gain weight, but I certainly started to feel “off” or as I like to say, “fluffy”. I wanted a reset. I also had read the book How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger and I loved the discussion and evidence on how food can truly be medicine and the book focused a lot on how plant based diets can reverse some level of diseases. With COVID going on, I truly wanted to be at my best, health wise. I know you can find evidence/studies to conclude that pretty much any type of “diet” has benefits, however, for me, food has become my idea of fuel and nourishment, not something I want to restrict due to my experience with disordered eating. And the word diet just suckkkks. I also just hate labeling anything in general so I approached this as “what can I add to my diet to feel good”.  I also met others who raved about how they felt switching to plant based diets (Hi Hal and Lauren!!) and figured I’d give it another shot (I tried back in 2015 for a little under a year). So I jumped in head first! 

The First Few Months of Vegan Eating

Month 1-2: First off, what is VEGAN? It is a person who does not eat any food derived from animals and who typically does not use other animal products. As someone who is already a healthy eater, nothing scared me about going plant based/vegan other than how to get protein. I don’t like tofu or fake meat, so that wasn’t an option for me right away. I loaded up on beans, a vegan protein powder, lentils and hoped for the best. About 3 weeks in, I started to feel VERY dizzy and again, just off. I felt like I was floating, especially at night. I was also doing HIIT workouts 6x a week and I know that could’ve also been a factor and I knew I needed to eat more. I initially just bought veggies and beans and called it a meal (lol). I also started taking B12 vitamins with my Seed probiotic and Ritual Multivitamins to make up for any gaps in my diet. I just decided to keep on going and push through.  

The Middle Phase

Month 3-5: After a few months, I started to feel AMAZING. I began to focus on eating whole foods, lots of protein, more carbs and started doing Pilates 4x a week mixed with Peloton and walks/runs instead of HIIT workouts. My skin felt great, my energy was up and I didn’t feel that same fluff or bloat that I used to. However, I noticed that eating out was more challenging when it came to options. Luckily, in Orange County, fast casual options were pretty easy to order from (some of my favs are Mendocino Farms and Vibe Organic Kitchen & Juice!). However, dating a carnivore made date night interesting (I always suggested a vegan spot lol). Instead of being a boring human ordering a plate of lettuce, I started to order fish options instead (with no dairy of course…plus eating a plate of lettuce left me HANGRY). I also LOVEEEE sushi and I realized quickly that fish doesn’t bother my stomach or negatively affect energy levels and the omega 3 fatty acids really made me feel good. I didn’t go vegan for animal rights/restriction (not that it isn’t important to me) so adding fish didn’t feel like “breaking a rule”, which is usually my fear when I commit to eating a certain way (way too hard on myself). But this time around,  I am purely focused on my health and feeling good so I was proud of myself.  Adding fish has made date nights more enjoyable for both of us and I don’t have to miss my sushi! Food should be fun and what you love after all!!

How I Feel After Eating Vegan for Six Months

Month 6: Now I currently feel pretty great! I don’t miss cooking meat and only really think about a steak when Robb takes me to a steakhouse and I order veggies lol. But all in all, this journey has allowed me to eat a lot more/new nourishing foods and feel lighter, energized and happy! I have loved cooking new things and adding new ingredients into my kitchen (current fav is tahini– so versatile and I use it to make healthier versions of salad dressings and sauces!!) Also, I went to my yearly physical, where my blood work numbers showed I was doing something different than the year prior and my doctor asked what I had been doing recently…he attributed my great numbers to my plant based diet! Crazy. (I am talking super low LDL cholesterol, high HDL cholesterol and very favorable numbers in my entire metabolic panel- health is friggin wealth). The key for me really was allowing myself to eat fish and not beating myself up about it for not following “the rules”. The older I get, the LESS I care about abiding by rigid standards I used to set for myself. Just live your life, have fun, judge less, love more- it’s much easier 🙂 Plus, I have thoroughly learned food can truly be medicine. 

All in all, I have loved going plant based but it was obviously a journey. I share this because I was looking for a similar resource when I started. I know everyone has their own experiences, but if you’re thinking of changing something up, do it, but don’t limit your life because of it- be flexible. Do what makes YOU feel good.  Will I continue this forever? Maybe. Do I miss cheese? ABSOLUTELY!! Like a lot…but one day at a time. If you have any questions, please reach out! Also, if you have a MUST try Vegan cheese, let me know. I miss Gouda! 

ICYMI: Shared some of my FAV Vegan snacks here!!

DISCLAIMER:  Please note I am not a registered dietician or doctor and this is purely my personal story based on my personal experience.