PINK’S PICKS: Vivrelle Membership

I am SOOOOOO pumped to share today’s Pink’s Pick. This is a bit of a different “product review” but it deserves the spotlight because I love it so much. Today’s review is on Vivrelle. If you’ve heard of it, it may be from many influencers posting about this exclusive membership. So what is Vivrelle?! Vivrelle is a members-only club that gives you access to a closet’s worth of designer handbags, fine jewelry, and limited edition items for as low as $45 a month!! It’s basically an accessory closet at your disposal. I know this service isn’t for everyone, but as a fashion lover, who also values sustainability, I love that Vivrelle is an option to try new luxurious items. My fashion girlies get it! Here’s the deets on my latest obsession:

Why I Love Vivrelle:

I am always looking for ways to elevate my closet and my overall fashion style. But of course, it can be expensive and time-consuming to always buy new things (although I am still guilty lol). My Vivrelle membership has become truly an extension of my closet. I love that I can try new styles, and brands and if I truly love something, I can even buy it at a discounted price! Since it is a membership program,  there are different options depending on your needs too. Here are the four membership options you can apply for:

Classique: $119 a month and you get one item a month up to $4K in retail value! This is the membership I currently have and love.

Couture: $219 a month and you get one item at a time over $4k in retail value.

Couture+: $309 a month and you get two items at a time – one from the Classique price range and one from Couture price range.

Premier: $45 a month and you can borrow any jewelry up to $1K in retail value.

All of the memberships have incredible perks, including no return dates! So you can keep an item for as long as you want. For example, when it was my wedding season, I could keep a bag for over a month for all my upcoming wedding events. It was perfect.

Like I said above, you can try and buy! If a member decides they love an item so much they want to keep it, two discount options may apply:

You can get an exclusive members-only price

Vivrelle may apply a portion of your membership fee towards the purchase price.

Either option is cheaper than buying the item any where else, even with the membership fee. Such a great perk.

Vivrelle is the perfection solution for my brides, who want fun items for their upcoming bridal events, or for just the regular fashion gal who loves trying to new items and styles. I also love Vivrelle when packing for an upcoming trip. I can find a fun accessory depending on where I am traveling to.

Vivrelle is always adding new styles too so you’re never out of options to try. Browsing the site is one of my favorite routines each month. Obsessed. 

If you’re worried about ruining an item, standard insurance is included in your membership that covers wear and tear, theft (if the item is in your possession) BUT you can purchase premium insurance for an additional $18 a month for additional accident protection.

Overall Rating on my Vivrelle Membership: 

Vivrelle has elevated my life and closet in SO many ways. I love getting to try new, luxury items and why limit to buying one accessory when you can swap out whenever you want with Vivrelle?! Vivrelle is a 5/5 on the Pink’s Picks scale. With memberships starting at $45/month, members can treat Vivrelle’s closet like their own and can borrow anything within their membership tier. I am obsessed.

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