HAPPY (almost) NEW YEAR! Can you BELIEVE it’s almost 2024?! I am so excited for a new year and beyond grateful for 2023. I married the love of my life, traveled over 120K miles for work/fun, gained a new niece and nephew, and had just SO much fun celebrating so many wonderful life events. I am also SO grateful for the community I have built here and for all the support on my blog. It’s a dream to share what I love and I can’t WAIT for 2024.

Every year, I share my favorite products for the year, “the grand list” and so here it is! 2023 PINK’S PICKS MASTER LIST!! These are the things I can’t live without, repurchased, or that I was obsessed with this past year.  HAPPY END OF THE YEAR!!!



Hourglass Phantom Volumizing Glossy Lip Balm

The hourglass phantom plumping balm has been one of my favorite beauty discoveries this year (thanks TikTok!). I just love the consistency, colors and packaging. The sleek gold tube is always in my purse and is the one product I grab for consistently. I love using the Charlotte Tilbury iconic nude lip liner with the trace color phantom balm; it’s so good.  I even wore it on my wedding day!

Rare Beauty Positive Light Silky Touch Highlighter

There has been SO many incredible reviews on Rare Beauty’s products this year and I officially understand the hype. The highlighter is my absolute favorite. It is simply stunning. It’s silky smooth, illuminating and multipurpose. You can use it on your cheekbones, eye lids, and truly anywhere you want that extra glow. I have the champagne color but really want to try the others too. This is one of those products I can’t travel without. LOVE HER. Great job, Selena!!

PATRICK TA Major Headlines Double-Take Crème & Powder Blush Duo

I am now a blush girlie and my official 2023 blush product was by Patrick Ta. I loved the combo of cream and blush in his duo palette. It’s perfect on it’s own over SPF or with foundation. My current favorite color is “she’s blushing”. This is my must have blush product and is also so easy to use. It’s pretty much two products in one and each color can be worn on it’s own or together. A must have!!



My #1 go to skincare splurge this year was on hydrafacials. I was prepping for my wedding day and I knew I needed to get on a really good skin routine so I did hydrafacials every month for about 8 months leading up to my big day and they’re a GAME CHANGER. I go to Amy Berisha Aesthetics in Newport Beach and see Kate (ILY). I know everyone’s skin is different but this is the one thing that has truly made a difference for me with a consistent skincare routine. It works to plump your skin with incredible peptides and products while also leaving your skin hydrated and glow-y. I am not an expert but I can say I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Worth every penny!


Once I started doing consistent hydrafacials, I also got on a complete skincare routine. I actually started using ZO Skin Health products and I realized it is SO much better to use products designed to work together than just a bunch of random products from Sephora. One of my favorite products in my routine I think everyone needs is the ZO Skin Health Exfoliating Polish. Designed for all skin types, this polish is gentle enough to use daily and immediately leaves your skin smooth and soft. I use it EVERY SINGLE morning and can’t travel without it. Obsessed is an understatement.


AquaTru Carafe: Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

This year I was dedicated to my overall wellness and the one thing that changed my overall well-being is my AquaTru Carafe Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier I did a whole review you can read here, but this is a MUST have for anyone looking to transform their health. Good, healthy, clean water is essential and this countertop system is easy to use, small, and has been perfect for us in our home. I can’t recommend it enough.  Plus, their filters are easy to re-order and last awhile too!


I have officially been using my Cymbiotika Probiotic for 2 years and I will NEVER stop. This product has been a complete game changer for my gut health. I originally tried the Seed probiotic but switched this one after extensive research on the ingredients and manufacturing process. Read my full review here, but essentially this probiotic is designed to reach your gut (many do not) and contains glutamine, pre/probiotics and is made in the USA. I take 3 tablets every single night and it’s helped clear my skin, solve my bloating issues and just overall, keeps my gut happy. SO much of our health relies on our gut. Of course, consult your healthcare provider before adding anything into your routine, but this is one of my favorite products ever.


I won’t shut up about the HATCH. Read my full review here, but this was a game changer to my daily routine. I now wake up CALM, refreshed and without a jarring iPhone alarm 😀

Best investment EVER.


HOKA Clifton 9 Running Shoe

I started my half marathon training towards the end of this year and so far, the HOKA Clifton 9 have been my favorite running shoe for long runs. From the cushion, to the support and stability, HOKA just WORK. I feel like I can run faster and longer whenever I wear my HOKA. I know they’re not the cutest shoe, but, they offer great support, especially in the ankle area. They run true to size and come in so many fun colors. I have them in black but can’t wait to get a different color! I also do love the Clifton 8 too – read my full review here. 


AGOLDE 90’s Pinch Waist Jeans

This is year, a lot of my “fashion finds” were for my wedding/wedding events so I didn’t splurge on staples like I normally would. BUT my most worn fashion item for 2023 has been the AGOLDE 90’s Pinch Waste Jean. This pair of denim is just a classic. I can dress them up or down. I love the fit of the straight leg and the standard mid-wash color. AGOLDE does a great job creating great, structured denims. This is a pair I grab for again and again! Just note they do NOT have stretch. They’re a more structured fit which I loveeeee.


Branch Basics Cleaning Products: Read my full review here but this is the BEST, easy swap to make your home a little less toxic.

GRAB GREEN CLEAN Laundry Detergent: The only laundry detergent I use!

ATTITUDE EWG Verified Body Wash (A MUST HAVE): I said BYEEE to toxic body washes and found ATTITUDE. 100% toxic free and it works! Plus, it smells SO good I promise.

HENRY ROSE NON-TOXIC Candle: this is my favorite candle now. They’re 100% non-toxic, EWG verified and STUNNINGLY sleek. Obsessed. This brand was founded by Michelle Pfeiffer too!

Caraway Cooking Pots/Pans: Another non-toxic brand! This is one of my fav gifts this year off our wedding registry. We use it everyday!!

Murad City Skin Age Sunscreen:  This has been my go-to sunscreen this year. The consistency is amazing and doesn’t clog pores.

LMNT Electrolytes: I can’t stop buying these. I have one at least once a day. It’s my new favorite hydration powder. Sugar-free and also has magnesium and potassium! I love the watermelon salt flavor.

Cymbiotika Super Greens: This is another product I am NEVER without. It’s an easy way to get greens in daily. I always travel with them too!

BEIS Suitcase: I have logged a lot of miles with my Beis this year! Still my fav suitcase. It’s sleek and has lasted MANY miles.

Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment: This is another lip product I always have when I travel. I love the salted caramel!!



PINK’S PICKS: Sephora Sale 2023

It’s that TIME OF THE YEAR! Sephora sale! I know everyone floods social media with their favorite picks from the sale so of course I have to share my TRIED AND TRUE products that I will be re-stocking up on. I also will share the new things I am going to try! Here are the deets:

Depending on your beauty insider status, there are different deals/discounts! Here is the overview:

When: Starting April 14th – 24th. Your status determines when you get to shop!

Rogue Members: 20% Off + first Access

VIB: 15% 

Insider: 10% off 

30% off all Sephora Collection for everyone 

But of course, just because there is a sale, it does not mean you have to buy anything…I need this reminder myself LOL. It can be so easy to fall into the consumerism trap and think you need to buy stuff just buy it…I truly only use this sale as the one time I will purchase things I know I love/use regulatory and also the opportunity to try new finds at a discounted price. So with that….Happy Shopping! (Click the product photo to shop!) 



Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand



It’s messy but I love it. The color is perfect and I honestly like the applicator but blend on your face with a brush…I def recommend any of the Charlotte Tilbury Wands- including the blush too!

Dior Forever Skin Correct Full-Coverage Concealer

This is my go-to full coverage concealer- it’s SO creamy and gets the job done! The formula is just so good and it never looks cakey and never creases.


Saie Glowy Super Gel Lightweight Dewy Highlighter

This DEWY highlighter looks incredible under makeup, over makeup or on it’s own! I am obsessed with everything by Saie but this product is my absolute favorite.


Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

You all already know i CAN’T live without my Summer Fridays lip butter balm. My favorite is the vanilla beige but I plan to pick up the brown sugar one too!


Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner

I am officially a lip liner girl and I will not travel without it. Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Cheap Liner is worth every penny- it lasts, glides on smoothly and the colors are my favorite. Iconic Nude is iconic for a reason! It is a must have product for the lip girls. I wear it with my summer fridays butter balm! I recommend Iconic Nude, Pillow Talk and Love Trap!


Murad City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA

This is one of my favorite sunscreen’s of ALL time- the consistency is unmatched. It works great under make up or on it’s own. It won’t clog your pores and is SPF 50!

Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream Plumping & Hydrating Moisturizer

Tatcha’s skin cream is a MUST have and the sale is the perfect time to buy it. It isn’t cheap but I am telling you- the results are amazing. It’s perfect under make-up and is the thing my skin craves when it’s extra dry. I love the smell and the feel. 10/10


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta® Extra Strength Daily Peel Pads

Dr. Dennis Gross is the derm KING! He created one of the BEST products on the market to help keep your skin clean, bright and exfoliated with these peels pads. The sale is another GREAT time to try these. Don’t start with the extra strength if you have sensitive skin though! Try the Sensitive skin ones first. 


Hair Product Picks

OUAI Detangling and Frizz Fighting Leave In Conditioner

This is my new favorite leave in conditioner- leaves my hair SO soft and the smell is incredible. It has also lasted me FOREVER!

Kérastase Elixir Ultime Hydrating Shampoo

I am on my hair care journey and have recently hyped up my hair game. Adding this shampoo has been a game changer. If you have fine hair that loves hydration, this will be your hair BFF. The smell too is OUT of this world. I am obsessed. 

Slip Silk Pillowcase 

If you don’t own a silk pillowcase yet- GET on it!! Save your hair and skin while you sleep! They also make the perfect gift!


Here are the rest of ALL my picks if I could buy it all!


Who is ready for SALES?! I always say I need to stop shopping but there’s nothing better than a good SALE! I have rounded up all the best Black Friday Sales for you below! HAPPY SHOPPING 🙂 Click the photo to shop the item directly!



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Pink’s Picks: Luxx Air Pro 2

HI! Happy Pink’s Pick Day! I am SOOOO excited to share with you all my new FAVORITE hair tool, the best blowdryer brush I have ever used – the Luxx Air Pro! So I have seen such a hype around the Dyson Airwrap but I truly could not wrap my head around the price (pun intended). I have used it before and thought it was GREAT but I could never justify spending over $400 on it. But airwraps and blowdryer brushes are all the hype so I knew I wanted one. I love the idea of having one tool with multiple functions. So I am STOKED I discovered the Luxx Air Pro. This hair dryer and volumizer all wrapped in one is SO GOOD and at an incredible price!! Here are the deets:

Why I love the Luxx Air Pro 2:

As I have mentioned before, I am SUPER low maintenance when it comes to hair so I truly wouldn’t recommend a hair product/tool unless I thought the hype was REAL and it’s easy to use. I was looking for a legit blowdryer brush that would both act as a blow dryer and volumizer. With the Luxx Hair Dryer, you get all the options.  It comes with 5 separate pieces that easily click into the main hub so you can achieve any hairstyle with one tool. There is the round volumizer brush, the smoothing brush, pre-styling dryer and 2 separate curling barrels. Here is a look at the box and what it comes with:

Plus I love how the case it comes in is super chic. The whole aesthetic is a 10/10- I LOVE NEUTRALS!

The technology behind the Luxx Air Pro 2 is also second to none. They use a hypersonic technology on the curling barrels so there is no tug to your hair and the barrel seamlessly curls the hair automatically. Plus, the no static electricity means NO frizzy hair with any of the piecea. All the tools create a softness and smoothness to the hair so there is seriously no crazy-looking static (no one wants that). Plus, the easy to use settings make this whole system simple. You can adjust the temperature and speed with the easy buttons on the main motor piece.


I love all the options with the settings. There are 3 airflow settings, 3 heat settings and a cold shot setting to help set your curls (deactivates the heat). Each attachment is removed by pressing white button. It’s SO easy to add each attachment too. Ease of use is essential to me! And that is why I fell in love with this tool. You have the luxx hair dryer, blowdryer brush and volumizer all in one. 

When To Use the Luxx Air Pro

Each of the pieces with the Luxx Air Pro are designed for different steps/results depending on how you want to style your hair. Here is when you would use each piece:

The Luxx Hair Dryer:

The luxx hair dryer is INSANELY good. This simple and sleek dryer piece is probably my favorite. It’s perfect to use pre-styling as it dries the hair SOOO fast and is also pretty quiet compared to any other dryers I used. The luxx air pro also makes my hair incredibly SOFT! I love to use this to get my hair a little dry before using the barrels or to dry all my hair, quickly, if I am not styling it.  Plus, the luxx hair dryer is so cute and works just as well as any other hypersonic dryer I have tried! But I also love the colors #neurtalsforlife

The Round Volumizer Brush:

This piece is a hair dryer and volumizer in one. The soft bristles on the brush are the perfect thickness to help air directly dry your roots to achieve the perfect, volume look. I love using this one when I want to wear my hair straight with extra body OR to round out segmented pieces to achieve a loose curl/wave. You can take the brush up to your scalp and round the hair out or wrap a piece around the brush like a curling iron. I use this on a medium heat setting for the perfect volume. It it a hair dryer and volumizer all in one.

The Smoothing Brush:

I also love the blowdryer brush– especially this one with smaller bristles to help you achieve more of a sleek, blow out look. I love using this for a quick, straight hair or if I want to dry out my hair and make it look super smooth. It dries the hair SO fast without frizz. It is easy to use- you just brush it out as if you are brushing your hair! You then have dry, sleek hair with this one simple tool- the best blowdryer brush I have yet to use.

Two Curling Barrels:

I am OBSESSED with the curling barrels- I can’t get over how they curl the hair automatically!  Each of these barrels are 1.5 inches. You can achieve curls from either direction, helping to create that flawless, effortless bouncy curl look. That why there are two- one for curls in each different direction. One is clockwise and the other is counter clockwise. You simply add on these attachments and select a heat setting (I use the highest one since I have fine hair). You want to start with DAMP HAIR!  You grab the piece of hair you want to curl, and bring the bottom end of the hair close to the start of barrel tip and the hair will simply wrap around the barrel with the airflow. This takes a bit of practice to be honest but once you get it down, it’s SO easy. I can use this piece and achieve curls in less than 5 minutes (I do have shorter hair though!) It creates a really nice, bouncy look. I will sometimes even curl over the luxx air pro curls for a more refined look.  But the ease of these tools makes it hard for me to want to use anything else. Did I mention I am OBSESSED?!

Where to Buy the Luxx Air Pro 2:

You can find the Luxx Air Pro directly on their website! It sold out SO fast last time so get your hands on it soon. Under $300!!! (The Dyson Airwrap is over $400….). I am telling you this is the perfect gift for yourself or ANYONE! So so so good.

Overall Rating: 

Because this product is simple to use and has SO many options, I give it a solid 4/5 stars. I really wish it came with instructions on how to use each piece but it will be on their website soon (they’re avoiding paper instructions to help the environment- #win). I hope this post can provide you more insights. It is it SO worth it and compared to the Dyson airwrap and others on the market, you can’t go wrong. It’s essentially the same thing but much more budget friendly Let me know if you give it a try!!

Use CODE ALEXXLUXX to get 10% off!




Pink’s Picks: Cymbiotika Topical Magnesium Oil Spray

Today’s pinks pick is my FAV new wellness find- Cymbiotika’s Topical Magnesium Oil Spray and WOW this product is a life changer.  My anxiety journey has been a wild one but the past 6 months, my struggle with anxiety was the worst it’s been in years. It got to the point where it was affecting my sleep and I knew I was likely lacking some minerals. I decided to add Magnesium to my night routine and after listening to Cymbiotika’s founder, Chervin Jafarieh, on the TSC podcast I discovered there was a topical magnesium spray that delivers the benefits of magnesium (& other minerals) through the skin and I knew I needed to try it! I was so desperate for help with my sleep but also anxiety so after extensive research, I added this spray to my nightly routine and I will NEVER look back.  Read on for why you need to add this to your routine ASAP!!!!

Why I love Cymbiotika’s Topical Magnesium Oil Spray:

First off, did you know more than half of the American population is deficient in magnesium?! The reason that is alarming is because magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in the human body (behind calcium, sodium and potassium) and magnesium is vital for many bodily functions- including bone health, heart health and blood pressure (just to name a few). As someone who is health conscious, I knew I wanted to add a magnesium supplement to help regulate my overall health. Low levels of magnesium can lead to anxiety, trouble sleeping and poor circulation. What I love about cymbiotika’s topical approach is the ingredients. It is formulated to be absorbed into the bloodstream within minutes with only LEGIT ingredients. The oil is sourced from the dead sea and includes lavender extract, magnesium chloride, and niacinamide. The reason I like the spray is because I feel like I already take SO many supplements, it is nice to get minerals through the skin too. The spray is SO easy to use, smells INCREDIBLE and leaves no oil/sticky residue behind. And NO JOKE, I am asleep within minutes of spraying this… it is a must have for travel too. An important thing to keep in mind when it comes to supplements is QUALITY, cymbiotika fully focuses on quality ingredients which is another reason why this spray is SO effective and soothing.

When to use Magnesium Spray:

I spray my torso area every night with 15 spritzes before bed. I also spray a couple in the morning if I am sore on my legs or abs after pilates. It is SUCH a game changer on sore muscles too but if you really want a great night sleep, this will help you achieve just that! Also, it smells SO good.

Where to Buy Cymbiotika:

You can buy ALL Cymbiotika’s products directly through their website. They also have a subscription program (which I use) with a discount for monthly shipments of products! My other favs are their probiotic/prebiotic  and also their Mineral Shilajit Resin Liquid Gold.  You can also take a quiz on their website to discover recommended products based on your needs!

Overall Rating:

Because Cymbiotika’s magnesium oil product has made SUCH a difference in my circadian rhythm and overall well-being, I give it a 5/5- MUST have must re-purchase product. Check it out if you’re looking for a wellness hack to add to your toolbox,


*please note I am NOT a doctor- please consult with your healthcare provider to see if any supplement is right for you

Pink’s Picks: Spa Technologies – Eco Defense Moisturizer

I am SOO excited…I feel like I discovered a hidden gem of a brand- Spa Technologies. I was spoiled by my bf to a spa day at the Montage in Laguna Beach (A MUST VISIT) and I had one of the best facials in my life…the kind of facial where after you look GOOD, no red and pink. Of course I stocked up on products recommended by my esthetician and that is how I discovered Spa Technologies and their Eco Defense Moisturizer (with SPF!) I learned this is a small batch company dedicated to skincare derived from seaweed (it has a lot of anti-aging properties)! Read on for WHY you NEED to try this product:



Okay so you might have read this company is all about skincare derived from seaweed above and thought HUH?! Here’s the scoop: seaweed contains so many vitamins and minerals and where they live, in seawater, has almost the identical chemistry as blood plasma, lymph and human body fluids. Seaweed has also evolved overtime on Earth to withstand constant environmental changes and has cellular compounds that help protect it from environmental factors/dangers (think UV radiation, pollution, smoke, etc.). Therefore, the founder of the company (who also owned a seaweed farm….yes a thing) decided to formulate skincare with the incredible natural properties of seaweed! So I was STOKED to get my hands on the moisturizer and I am obsessed. It has the most incredibly subtle scent but no added fragrances- smells like cucumbers and it is easy to apply and immediately moisturizers the skin. There is never a white residue. It’s a silky smooth texture but won’t make you oily and the bottle is super easy to use and I feel like it lasts forever because the pump helps you preserve more product. I love using this under my make up and will apply other sunscreen over it too if I know I will be outside for extra protections since it is only SPF 25. But as someone who needs moisturizer every AM, this is my most used. I use it every time before I apply my makeup and it gives my skin the perfect glow that I know is from natural ingredients (it uses titanium dioxide- better-for-you skin protectant from the sun). The smell too is seriously AMAZING!! It is also a CLEAN brand -NO nasty additives. 


I use my eco defense every single AM without fail and whenever I apply my makeup so even before a night out. It is the perfect amount of hydration- lightweight but effective. It’s perfect to reapply too- not sticky or thick so would be great to bring for a beach vacation.


As I mentioned, I bought my Spa Technologies products directly through the Montage Spa however you can order everything online at their website! Use PINK15 for 15% off your order at checkout!


Again I feel like I discovered a true gem company- this gets 4.5/5  stars for me. I knocked it a half star because I do wish it had HIGHER SPF but honestly, I will use this daily until told otherwise….give it a try and let me know what you think!




Okay so I am obsessed with yet another activewear brand…. SET ACTIVE!! I don’t really know how I stumbled upon this brand but I followed them on IG and immediately knew I had to try their stuff (their marketing aesthetic is a solid 10/10). This review is on their SPORTBODY line (they also have SCULPTFLEX, LUXFORM, basics and sweats collection- the differences are the material each is made out of) I opted for SPORTBODY because of the name lol and it is their “sweat wicking” material so I wanted a set I could get sweaty in. Read on for why I ordered MORE of this set and have plans to raid my closet with every style:

Why I love Set Active SPORTBODY: 

When I think of activewear these days, I think it should function beyond a workout and Set Active nails that vibe. Aside from being chic, it is flattering, good quality and comes in SO many cute colors and I find myself wearing it to just run errands. As I mentioned, I got the SPORTBODY bra and legging combination from their ASPEN drop (they do fun drops with unique colors/styles that are limited edition!!) I specifically opted for the Dip Bra. The moment I put on the set, the material hugged my body in all the right places and was SO easy to move in.  It was extremely flattering and the leggings were actually NOT too long. I have worn it to hot yoga, Pilates and even for a run and the material has proven to be versatile for all activities.  Again this is a brand committed to function and style without skimping on comfort– the answer to my prayers. I love the monochrome vibe but appreciate how each piece can be styled perfectly on it’s own and looks even better paired together. They offer a set bundle too where you can pair a bra and leggings at a VERY reasonable price depending on the style you go with (around $100 for both!) I added a cropped sweatshirt to my order too and WOW- I love it. I am so stoked to start adding MORE to my collection- it’s just THAT good. 

When to use Set Active

I have worn my SPORTBODY set to all the activities- hot yoga, Pilates, running and to brunch LOL it is truly a set that is elevated from the rest- I feel good in it no matter what I am doing. It can be dressed up or down and is truly where function meets fashion. Plus, you can build an entire wardrobe from their stuff- basics and sweats to activewear!

Where to buy Set Active

I have bought my Set Active directly from their site (if you sign up with your email, your first order is 15% off!) I have also seen some items on Revolve but not a ton of options. Plus, you can follow Set Active on Instagram so you know when they’re doing exclusive “drops”! They also have a cool rewards program where you can earn points towards free stuff. I love how the brand is committed to building a community too- it’s what makes me want to be a returning customers over and over again.

Overall Rating:

Set Active for me is a solid 4/5 – great quality, flattering and chic! I wish some of their items were a little more reasonable but honestly I don’t mind the price tag because of the quality. Let me know if you give them a try!!


Pink’s Picks: Four Sigmatic Mushroom Cacao with Reishi

As many of you know, I have been doing my “state change” challenge, which is based on the book State Change by Robin Berzin. She is a functional doctor that dedicated a book on how you can essentially transform how you feel through ways beyond prescription medicine. I was immediately gravitated to it and sure enough, I started implementing many of her recommendations into my life and re-introducing some I lost sight of.  One of the routines I lost sight of was sipping my nightly Four Sigmatic Mushroom Cacao with Reishi. I know you read the word ‘mushroom’ and you’re thinking HUH!??! But hear me out….this stuff changed my life and the benefits are OUT of this world! (no- you’re not trippin’ on this lol)  If you’ve been following me awhile, you know I swear by this stuff. Read on for  why for you need to add Mushroom Cacao with Reishi to your night routine! 

Why I love Mushroom Cacao with Reishi

Not only does this hot cacao taste good (like hot chocolate, no joke), the benefits are INSANE!!! I know you read mushroom and you’re thinking EW but I am telling you these superfoods work wonders. Reishi mushrooms (formally known as ganoderma lucidum) are fungi that have been used for centuries primarily in Asian countries to help with immune health, stress and even improve sleep. Four Sigmatic decided to figure out how to apply these mushrooms to our modern lives. Starting in Finland, deep in nature, Four Sigmatic dedicated time to understand the powers behind these type of superfood mushrooms. Four Sigmatic then takes the bitter tasting mushrooms like Reishi and creates everyday products so we can reap the benefits- like in Cacao form….GENIUS (they also make coffees)! Read up here on the insane benefits of the queen mushroom, Reishi. I love the cacao mix because it is a simple powder that is added to hot water (or milk) and it truly is a relaxing experience between the taste and ritual of drinking it. It’s organic, non-GMO, plant-based, no added sugars but taste’s almost too good to be true.  This is a staple in my night routine and helps me calm down, sleep and feel relaxed every single sip. I love that it makes me feel GOOD while tasting good is good for you 🙂 

When to use Four Sigmatic Mushroom Cacao with Reishi

As I mentioned, I sip the Reishi Cacao as a part of my nighty routine- curled up with a book or watching TV. Four Sigmatic has other mushroom products if you’re looking for focus or energy but Reishi is the best for the evening or “chill” times. It is caffeine free too and is full of clean ingredients so it’s like a dessert without the guilt! The perfect tool to help you wind down.

Where to buy Four Sigmatic

You can buy ALL Four Sigmatic products through their website (you can sign up for subscriptions!) or directly through their Amazon. I also find it at my local Whole Foods and Mother Markets! You can buy a set of packs for typically less than $20 or a single packet to try at a local store. I guarantee though you will be hooked once you try it. I always travel with them too to help reduce my anxiety on the go.

Overall Rating:

5/5 no doubt for this product. It’s SO good (even Robb agrees lol) and is a simple way to add goodness into your life that isn’t overwhelming or tastes too weird. With all the wellness trends out there, mushrooms are on the forefront for a reason and the benefits of the shrooms are worth consuming, especially in hot chocolate form 🙂

CLICK HERE TO SHOP THE MUSHROOMS- use this link for $20 off your first order!


Today I am reviewing a new product I can’t live without daily – PIQUE Tea.

I know…so random to share a “tea” but this tea is NEXT level good (specifically their ginger one)….not just the taste but also the ingredients. Read on for why you need to add this elixir to your daily routine!

Why I love PIQUE Tea: 

Did you know many teas and tea bags on the market can contain molds and toxins?! Yeah…nasty and that is why I am SO glad I discovered Pique. Made from tea crystals, Pique Tea only uses the purest and freshest plant compounds to create their products so the benefits from the tea are actually ACTIVATED when you consume it. Pique is also in a crystal form dissolvable in water so it can be screened for all toxins/molds making it one of the most clean teas on the market. I was not really an “avid” tea drinker but I have always loved drinking tea throughout the day and especially at night to wind down. As a wellness junkie, I am always on the hunt for a product that actually will make a difference in how I feel. Pique’s Ginger Digestion Elixir was truly the answer to my tea prayers- it taste unbelievably refreshing hot or cold, (tastes like ginger with a hint of mint…YUM) contains NO additives and also calms my stomach (it is caffeine free too)! Now I legit crave it on a daily basis and it is the first thing I want to drink in the morning. I love ginger and the benefits are insane- ginger is proven to help fight inflammation, can support a healthy immune system and can assist with gut health. It’s a true win-win. But all of the Pique teas I have tried, I loved- the Matcha is GREAT if you like Matcha and the mint is a great replacement for my peppermint tea drinkers. If you’re going to drink tea, find a clean one and Pique will have one for you! They have black teas, green teas, herbal teas and even supplements! Check out their website for all the details. 

When to use PIQUE Ginger Digestion Elixir:

I love drinking my Pique Ginger tea first thing in the morning, warm with a slice of lemon. However,  I find myself drinking it ALL throughout the day too. It’s great cold as a refreshing treat and is the perfect warm drink before going to bed. I also love that I can travel with the packets! I always have one in my purse and share them with everyone when I go places lol.

Where to buy PIQUE Tea Crystals: 

You can check out ALL Pique Tea products on their website and they’re also on Amazon! I love buying on their site because you can “subscribe” for a cheaper price and if you drink it regularly, it is SO worth it! Each pack comes with 14 sticks.

Overall Rating:

PIQUE has been a staple product in my routine and there is NO going back for me….it is a 5/5. WORTH EVERY PENNY! I also truly think this is a great gift for anyone if your life. Let me know if you give it a try and what you think!


Pink’s Picks: Lululemon Wunder Train High Rise Tights

Happy Pink’s Picks Wednesday! I am excited to share one of my #1 workout picks today…Lululemon Wunder Under Train Leggings! I know I try to review affordable products but from time to time, high quality items deserve a shoutout. These leggings have lasted me years and they’re one of my absolute favorite pairs from Lululemon. Read on to learn why!

Why I love the Lululemon Wunder Train High-Rise Tight: 

Lululemon has always had a cult following and I am one of those followers for specific items. While I know their products are expensive, to me some of them are just worth it because of the quality and that is why I love the Wunder Train leggings. Of all of Lululemon’s leggings, the Wunder Train High Rise Tights are my favorite because they’re sweat wicking, breathable, comfortable and always look chic even when not working out. Made from the Everlux fabric, the leggings never feel sweaty even during a hot yoga workout or a run. The technology of the fabric is insane to me. They’re extremely versatile– they can be worn from HIIT to happy hour and even feature a small pocket in the waistline for your keys/cards. The high rise is my favorite feature as well- they are so flattering and keep you tucked in during any type of movement. They always come in fun colors too and last for YEARS! The quality of this legging is truly unmatched when it comes to durability. I am ALWAYS grabbing for these and wash mine at least once a week and they still feel like new.

When to use Lululemon Wunder Trains:

Wunder Trains are designed for sweat so I always wear mine during HIIT workouts, runs, Pilates, and honestly everything in-between. They’re also my favorite for hikes/walks. They are reliable to just keep everything in and looking tight. They are definitely my most worn/washed pair of leggings. Always remember to wash them in cold water to help them last! I also only air dry my Luluemon’s- makes them last forever!!

Where to buy Wunder Trains:

Buy all Lululemon directly through their site or in store! You can even order online and pick up in store.  I love going in person to actually touch/feel their products but their online descriptions are generally all on point. I am also 5’4 and order the 25” length in all leggings and they hit me perfectly at my ankle! I am also between 2 and 4 in waist isize

Overall Rating:

The Lululemon Wunder Train High Rise Tights are a solid 4.5/5….worth every penny if you’re looking for a great pair of leggings that will last you forever and if you’re consistently working out/being active. They sometimes have select colors on sale too!!