Pink’s Picks: Boll & Branch Sheets

Today I am reviewing my new favorite product I use daily…my Boll & Branch sheets!! The Boll & Branch sheets are truly worth the hype and if you have them then you know! We have the signature hemmed sheet set and they have changed sleep for me. If you’re looking to elevate your bed & sleep game, read on!

Why I love Boll & Branch’s Signature Hemmed Sheets: 

We all deserve a luxurious sleep- there is truly nothing better than waking up refreshed. A staple to a good night sleep is being comfortable and good sheets are a key necessity. Boll & Branch master luxury and comfort in one. The signature hemmed sheets are 100% organic cotton, woven together to create the most soft and breathable material. It truly feels like you’re at a 5 star hotel when you’re in these sheets! With 7 great neutral color options, they go perfect in a cozy bedroom and they’re also ethically produced! I have tried a lot of sheets, but these have a 300 thread count plus the type of softness & lightness you could only dream about! Even thought I run cold and my bf runs hot, we both LOVE these sheets so that is a win-win. With over 9,000 5 star reviews, I can confirm the hype is REAL with these sheets. Jump on board and change your sleep game!

When to use Boll & Branch Sheets:

I mean you OBVIOUSLY use sheets to sleep LOL but I would also buy these for ALL the beds in the house…guest rooms, kids room, etc. I also think these would make the BEST gift for a new homeowner or newlyweds! The signature set comes with a top sheet, fitted sheet and two standard pillow cases.

Where to buy Boll & Branch: 

You can purchase ALL Boll & Branch items directly through their website…they also have other types of sheets and other bath/bed items. I really want to try one of their blankets. Honestly though the signature sheet set is SUCH a sweet deal- under $200 for pure luxury.

Overall Rating:

Boll & Branch sheets are a 5/5…the type of luxury you can dream of right in your own home! Give them a try and let me know what you think.


Pink’s Picks: Skin Pharm’s Glow Factor Serum

2022 is in FULL SWING! I feel like everything has been so busy the first week into the new year and I am excited to share some fun changes that have happened soon! But in the meantime, my NEXT Pink’s Pick is another STAR product that deserves a moment to SHINE- Skin Pharm’s Glow Factor Serum aka Vitamin C Serum. This product has TRANSFORMED my skin and I need the world to know about it. I wrote up a review on their Youth Serum here which is another one of my fav products but READ on for why you need to add THIS ONE to your skin care routine TOO!

Why I love the Glow Factor Serum:

First off, I love Skin Pharm because their products WORK. The brand was brought to life by the bad ass Nurse Practioner Maegen Griffin with a goal to create products that treated her patients concerns (she also opened skin clinics!) If you’re new to skin care, a daily skin necessity is a good Vitamin C serum, which is what the Glow Factor Serum is. The Glow Factor Vitamin C Serum helps to protect the skin from daily free radicals (bad things in the air that affect your skin), even out the skin tone and give your skin a GLOW. But you need a good vitamin c to get the job done and that is why I love the Glow Factor Serum. Containing 10% L-ascorbic acid, the purest and most potent form of vitamin c, this serum is also full of powerful antioxidants and sodium lactate to help brighten and hydrate the skin- a bang for your buck. This product comes with a little tube of a white sugar-like mixture (aka vitamins) that you pour into the dropper bottle and you just shake it up between each use. It is not harsh on the skin, gives the most perfect glow, and is the only vitamin c serum I have noticed an actual difference with on my skin. Plus, it doesn’t smell bad and it goes on the skin smoothly without any sticky feeling. A win-win! 

When to use Skim Pharm’s Glow Factor: 

I use half a dropper worth of the the Glow Factor every AM after I wash my face with water. I follow with the Youth Serum for hydration (this is their hyaluronic acid serum- AMAZING) and then my sunscreen.  I must add consistency is KEY with this product- you won’t be disappointed in the results once you use it every AM. Again, this will be a treat to your skin and keep the anti-aging signs at bay.

Where to buy Skin Pharm: 

Buy all Skin Pharm products directly through their website (free shipping on all orders!) But if you’re in ATL, Nashville or Dallas, you can check out their clinic/products in person! They offer facials/botox/other skin treatments at their clinics too. Hoping they come to OC/LA soon 🙂 I know it is a steep price point for one product, but you are truly getting what you pay for…a product that works and delivers REAL results (I like this way more than SkinCeuticals FYI which is a similar price point…)

Overall Rating:

For me, this product is a straight 5/5…I noticed an immediate difference and Skin Pharm does not disappoint with the high quality ingredients that will not irritate your skin and there is no weird smell!  If you need a new Vitamin C serum, look no further! Let me know if you give it a try!



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Pink’s Pick: ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint

Happy 2022 YA’LL! I am READY to share all my new fav finds in 2022 with my continued PINK’S PICKS PRODUCT REVIEWS! One of my personal goals this year is to incorporate more CLEAN products into my life– from skincare, to house cleaning products and so on. There are SO many harmful toxins and ingredients in every day products it sometimes is MIND BLOWING to know companies are allowed to even use them and sell them in products….. I am by NO means an expert but I do want to educate myself and you all on simple items you can incorporate into your daily life to help keep you healthy and happy in the long run. We can’t all be perfect but we can at least try!

First up is a clean SKIN/BEAUTY product (DUH!) and it is the ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint foundation!  Read on below on why I LOVE this and why you should add to your daily beauty routine (click the links/pictures to shop!): 

Why I love ILIA Super Serum: 

ILIA is a skincare/beauty company committed to CLEAN, NATURAL products. Essentially, they are a beauty brand inspired by skincare– a win-win in my book! I first discovered their mascara and fell in love and knew I needed to try more of their products. I picked up the Super Serum and am now OBSESSED. The product is a super light, tinted foundation with SPF that goes on the skin like a serum– giving your skin a dewy, fresh look like looks LIKE skin. The best part? The ingredients! The Super Serum is full of niacinamides, which helps improve the texture of your skin and hyaluronic acid, which helps hydrate and increase your skins moisture. Plus, it is free of fragrances (SO TOXIC), silicones and chemical sunscreen (but still has SPF 40!). It is easy to apply with a damp beauty blender for a simple, refreshed look! The only thing I will say is it does smell a LITTLE funky….but I guess that’s what you can get sometimes with the clean products without fragrance toxins.

When to use ILIA Skin Tint Serum:

As I mentioned, the serum is VERY light so I use the skin tint when I want light coverage. I will grab this to apply before the work day, out running errands or when I want to even out my skin tone. It’s great to wear when traveling too under a mask!

Where to buy ILIA: 

I buy my ILIA products from Sephora but you can also shop directly on their website! I recommend trying their mascara as well to add another clean product to your make up bag 🙂 Also, a little product goes a LONG way!

Overall Rating:

I give the ILIA Skin Tint a solid 3.5/5..I am docking stars only because of the smell LOL but all in all, this is a GREAT clean beauty product to add to your make up bag for an easy, every day product free of gunk but also gets the job done and has actual SKIN benefits! Let me know if you give it a try!

Pink’s Picks: LUNYA ROBE

Today is the day I share one of my favorite gifts I have received! The Lunya robe. Every gal deserves a luxurious robe- one that feels like butter on the skin but also looks cute for walking around the house. Read on if you want to gift the BEST gift ever or splurge for yourself 🙂 

Why I love the Lunya Robe:

First off, Lunya is luxiours. All of their products and their brand just screams luxury! They focus on products made for your “otium” which they describe as your leisure time to relax and chill- essentially the moment right after work ends. Say no more. The robe is legit the perfect robe I have ever used- it is beyond soft yet not bulky, and actually looks super chic, and is incredibly durable. It is something you actually want your neighbors to see you in 🙂 I refer to it as my house coat LOL. But literally the quality is amazing, and it features an attached belt, pockets and a hanging loop that makes it easy to hang up in your bathroom or bedroom. I love the black one but it also comes in white and gray too. This is truly the gift of luxury and one someone would never forget! Say goodbye to the bulky robe and hello to sleek!

When to use the Lunya robe: 

As I mentioned, I refer to my robe as my house coat. It legit can be worn any time in the house- post shower, to lounge, and even looks cute up top on zoom calls 🙂 This is also what I wear whenever I get ready for a night out, for work or whenever. It is truly one item I use every single day without fail.

Where to buy Lunya: 

You can get your Lunya robe through their website. Also check out their luxurious pajamas, washable silk (YES washable!) and other incredible comfortable products.

Overall Rating:

My Lunya robe is a 5/5….I seriously love it so much. I truly recommend it because of the soft yet breathable fabric, the way it gives you waist, and the durability but also because it is practical for the every day gal or guy looking for a comfortable, long-lasting product they can grab for to feel comfortable and confident in their home (equally as important as out of the house!) Be the best gift giver and gift one today or treat yourself 😉


Another day to share one of my recent obsessions’!! This one is for all my ladies who love a good lounge outfit or workout set. Sometimes we just need a great reasonably priced gift too and I found the perfect one on Amazon- FAFOFA Amazon Workout Set. Best part about this set?! It is under $35… on for why you need this!

Why I love the FAFOFA Amazon Workout set: 

Not only is this set super flattering, it actually feels much more expensive than it actually is! It has a thick, ribbed texture that holds you in and is so comfortable. It fits true to size (I got a small) and it is super stretchy, It also has removable paddings in the sports bra too! It comes in SO many colors and I legit got it in less than a day (TY Prime!). I love that it is cute enough to wear to lounge around but also works great during a low impact workout. And again…the price?!?! I already ordered another one LOL. This would seriously make such a great gift for any gal in your life.

When to use the Amazon set:

I love to lounge in my FAFOFA set but I also have worn it to Pilates multiple times and it’s been great. I would NOT recommend it for a sweaty workout since the material is a bit thick but all in all, this is the perfect comfortable set to wear to yoga, Pilates, on a walk or to just chill. It is seriously so comfortable I could even sleep in it lol

Where to buy the workout set:

Obvi get this on Amazon and with Prime you will likely get it SO quick! I am a PRIME girl for life!!

Overall Rating:

I know some Amazon outfits can be hit or miss and the FAFOFA set FAR exceeded my expectations. Given the price and quality of this ribbed workout set, I give it a sold 4/5. I am telling you this would make SUCH a great gift and I am already planning on gifting it (& buying myself more lol). Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Pink’s Picks: Barefoot Dreams Blanket

HAPPY NOVEMBER! Like what?! How?! But here we are…and the holidays are OFFICIALLY upon us! To continue you on my Pink’s Picks “holiday gift ideas”, I am excited to share today’s product: Barefoot Dreams Blankets. I know you’ve probably heard of this brand and have seen the price tag and thought “really? that much $$ for a BLANKET?!” and I thought the same thing. However, once I got my hand on one, there is NO turning back. These blankets are worth it!!! Here are the deets on why you need one (and why you need to gift one):

Why I love the Barefoot Dreams In the Wild Throw Blanket

Aside from the fact that this blanket is actually cute, the quality and luxury feel of Barefoot dreams material is second to none. It is SOO incredibly soft. The second you get your hands on one, you will know what I mean. Made from 100% polyester microfiber, the softness of this warm blanket will make it the most used item in your house. It’s the perfect thickness, softness and comfort all wrapped in one. It doesn’t shed and would seriously make the perfect gift for a guy or gal that needs some comfort in their house. I remember wondering what the freakin’ hype was about these things (some label it as the Kardashian blanket) but once I bought it, I understood the hype. We all need a high quality blanket in our homes, especially for the cooler winter months and this is the perfect one. Even my bf loves it! Plus, the wild print is so fun and cute. I also have a thinner one I love linked here!

When to use the Dreams Throw Blanket

I mean we all know when to use a blanket….in bed, on the couch, in the car…wherever! Barefoot dream also makes loungewear and robes too so if you want to literally WEAR a blanket, check out their other items too 🙂 The robe was named one of Oprah’s Favorite things for 2021!!

Where to buy Barefoot Dreams:

I buy all my Barefoot dreams blankets through Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack (yes- select colors go on sale!) But they have a TON of options on their direct website as well. 

Overall Rating:

I know this price tag of this blanket might be like WOAH but if you have one, then you know the HYPE IS REAL! This gets a solid 4/5 stars. It truly makes the PERFECT gift and always check to see if they go on sale 🙂 I will pick them up in bulk as gifts when they do! Also, if you get one as a gift, LUCKY YOU! 

Pink’s Picks Sephora Sale 2021: BEAUTY

It’s that wonderful time of the year- Sephora sale! Here are the deets on who can shop and get the discounts!

You can sign up to be an insider for FREE on the website here. 

I wait for this sale almost every year to stock up on a few of my everyday products and try some new ones. It’s also a perfect time to think of great gifts for the holidays! I am sharing what I have in my cart for the sale by category, starting with beauty.

Shopping tips: I always plan to shop these kinds of sales with a budget so I don’t over spend. I always add everything I wish I could buy, see the full cost and then think about what I ACTUALLY need/want to try. It’s my process of elimination 🙂

Here are the beauty picks I currently have my eye on:

Beauty Picks:

1. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Powder

This is one of my personal favorite makeup products. I discovered it through @makeupxka (BEST FOLLOW FOR BEAUTY) and it’s a game changer. It’s essentially a setting powder to use over foundation or tinted moisturizer to give your skin that flawless filter look. I use this for special occasions when I know photos will be taken LOL I love it! It’s an easy powder to use and I actually use my beauty blender to apply- love it. 

2. Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

This foundation is another @makeupxka recommendation that I have not tried yet. I don’t love wearing heavy foundation but I have a few weddings and events coming out that I’d like to use more of a coverage foundation for. I am only buying Armani since it is on sale (idk why but $60 for foundation is cray to me?) and I will likely grab a mini version to see if I like it. So many makeup artists I feel like RAVE about this foundation though. I am excited to see if the hype is rEaL.

3. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lipliner: Iconic Nude 

I love this lipliner and I recently ran out. It’s the perfect nude and formula. I love to apply around my lips and finish with a basic nude lipstick (I love Pillow Talk by CT too!)

4. ILIA Multi Stick Lip & Cheek

I have been dying to try a lip stain and added this to my cart. I love that ILIA is a clean beauty brand so I am excited to try! I feel like the colors from a cream blush will stand out more on the skin- guess i will find out!

5. tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4 in 1 Mascara

For some reason, tarte is the ONLY mascara I consistently use- I buy it over and over again. it’s my FAVVV- no clumps and 4 in 1 means it is not only lengthening and curling your lashes, but conditioning them too. I always try new mascaras but I come back to this one every time- I am OBSESSED

6. Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

Gloss bomb is the one lip gloss I always have in my purse. When it is on sale, I always grab a new color! It’s not sticky AT all and lasts forever. I just love the formula so I highly recommend!

Shop all the beauty picks below (+ other items I love!)

Pink’s Picks: Vuori Performance Joggers

As I mentioned, all my upcoming Pink’s Picks will be some of my most favorite items that would also make GREAT gifts! (hint: holidays are around the corner..) So I am SOO excited to share my pick today because most of you know how obsessed I am with this brand/product: Vuori Performance Joggers. I probably wear these more than any other item in my closet, no question. Best part about these? They are available for men too! Here is why I am obsessed: 

Why I love the Vuori Performance Joggers: 

I am all about comfort and ever since working from home, I was on the hunt for the perfect functional sweatpants. When I discovered Vuori in Encinitas, CA, I was immediately obsessed. They’re an active wear brand based out of California and all of their products are made with incredible materials for a functional and comfortable fit. They’re also committed to ethical manufacturing. Why I love these joggers SO much is because of the material and fit. They’re SOOO insanely soft with a slim but relaxed fit. They look cute to wear out but are comfortable enough to wear while lounging in bed. They also have a wide variety of sizes too and the quality is 10/10. I have had one pair for over 3 years and they feel good as new even after many washes. I can’t get enough of these and now have 3 pairs lol. My BF loves them too! They’d make the BEST gift for anyone in your life- parent, bf, sibling, friend and so on. I have no DOUBT you will be in LOVE.

When to wear the joggers: 

I wear my Vuori joggers literally everywhere- on walks, to workout, to lounge, to run errands. They look polished enough to wear in public but are comfortable enough lounge in the house. They’re perfect to travel in too!

Where to buy Vuori Joggers:

You can get your pair of Vuori’s online at their website and now Nordstrom carries them too! You can also shop in store- find a location near you. I love how they won’t break the bank. (I also love their leggings, sports bras and shorts).

Overall Rating:

Honestly, Vuori is one of my top 5 fav brands. They just get it- comfort, style and athleisure. So these are a 5/5 and my #1 gift go-to for this holiday season. Give them a try!!

Pink’s Picks: Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Someone PLEASE tell me HOW it’s already halfway through October?! Like WHAT! The holidays are around the corner…with that being said, all my upcoming Pink’s Picks are going to be some of my fav items that would also make the best GIFTS! ’tis the freaking season ya know? To start it off, I am sharing one of my ABSOLUTE favorite items I own…Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag. Since COVID, I never really have a big bag with me all the time. That is where the belt bag has SAVED me. Read on for why this is a MUST have for anyone- guy or girl!

Why I love the Everywhere Belt Bag:

Sometimes you just don’t need to carry a giant bag- between walks, grocery runs, and just day to day life.  The everywhere belt bag is truly designed for the human on the move and fits ALL the essentials- phone, wallet, keys. It is seriously the perfect size. I love that I can wear it around my waste or across my chest and its sleek, lightweight and comes in so many fun and neutral colors. It’s beyond just a typical fanny pack. The quality is amazing too- I have had my original one for over two years and it still holds up, zips and gets the job done. I keep this by my front door to grab almost daily for my errands and walks- it’s a lifesaver!! Plus it’s water proof as well and is perfect for hikes.

When to use the Lululemon belt bag:

As I said, I use my belt bag every single day. I take it on my walks to carry my phone, to the store with my wallet, to my workouts, travel- legit I use it every day. I use it so much I bought two and Robb ones LOL. Also, now that so many venues for concerts or sporting events require a specific bag size, this one is perfect to meet those standards too.

Where to buy the belt bag:

Obvi you can grab your bag from Lululemon- in store or online! It is less than $40 too- the best gift!

Overall Rating:

Since I use this everyday, this bag is a 5/5 for me. It’s affordable, durable and makes the BEST gift for those on the go. I also just love how it’s sleek and not an ugly fanny pack lol. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Pink’s Picks: ON Cloud Running Shoe

After a random hip injury, I went on the hunt to find the best, comfortable and supportive running shoe. To be honest, I have mainly been walking (taking a break from running), but support is still equally as important. I had tried all the brands (Nike, Adidas, Hokas, Puma and so on) and I loved a lot of them but was excited to try ON Running shoes. I kept seeing the ON Cloud Running Shoes online with great reviews.  ON Running is a running shoe brand who’s motto is “run on a cloud”. They created a technology called Cloud Tec that is a cushion system designed to help muscle activation and lower heart when needed during your steps in motion. The soles and structure of the shoe adapt to you, not for you. Their website offers many explanations on the technology but they have mastered many styles depending on what you’re looking for. I opted for the Cloud, which is a lightweight, non-tie shoe great for every day wear and light runs/walks and travel. I am obsessed!

Why I love the ON Running Shoes:

As I mentioned, I was looking for a shoe to help avoid injury and was immediately obsessed with ON Running’s commitment to technology that does just that. Plus, the Cloud is easy to slip on and off for my multiple walks a day and errand runs. They’re also INSANLEY lightweight- 6.46 ounces to be exact and are so comfortable to wear. The Cloud Flyer are the running style version that offer more support for longer runs. I love that they have options for any lifestyle and they’re insanely comfortable- I want more colors and more styles ASAP.

When to use the Cloud Running Shoes:

The Cloud shoes are made for every day wear so I use these on all my walks, short runs and around town/travel. Their website breakdowns what style for you based on what you’re looking for! I love the slip on feature of the Cloud version but the technology of the cushions is applied to all their shoes so whether you are long distance running, walking, doing HIIT classes, there is a shoe for you!

Where to buy the ON Cloud Running Shoes

I got my Cloud ON shoes from Nordstrom but you can also buy on their site directly! They’re worth the price in my opinion.

Overall Rating:

Because of the easy slip on feature and cloud technology, I give these a solid 4/5. They would make a great gift for the active person in your life. Check them out!!