HAPPY NEW YEAR! Anyone else SO excited for 2023?! I am starting off the year with a BANG and sharing my fav purchase of 2022…..

This is an actual product that has legit changed my health- AquaTru Carafe. Okay- I know you’re thinking what is this?! Let me give you some background. When we did our home remodel in 2020 (read about our remodel here!), we knew this home was not our forever home  so one thing I didn’t invest in was a house water filter system and let me tell you, it’s a REGRET. Healthy and clean water is SO important for vital every day life and it’s sad to know a lot of our water is contaminated with toxins and other nasty minerals we just don’t need. SO after doing research in our tap water in OC (look up your local water here) this is what I found:

I was SHOCKED and also just annoyed and knew I needed to take action that wasn’t wasteful or super expensive (aka buying water bottles). I researched the best, most reasonable water filter system and came across AquaTru. I knew this was the one for us because I didn’t want to spend too much money on it and wanted to avoid a plumbing hookup but was committed to purified, healthy drinking water. This company is legit- they’re committed to real testing to create the BEST clean water solutions. They have a different solution for everyone but here is my review on the Carafe- the best purchase I made in 2022:

Why I Love the AquaTru Carafe: 

As I mentioned, I wanted clean drinking water ASAP. The AquaTru carafe was the easiest solution for me. It’s compact enough to fit on any counter top but still has the powerful filtration system needed to remove contaminants in water. There is NO plumbing set up needed, it’s SO simple to set up, and is perfect for a smaller household. The filters are designed with AquaTru’s patented 4-stage Ultra Reverse Osmosis® technology and is tested to remove up to 82 contaminants- they provide full transparency on their testing here. As you all know, I love a brand committed to transparency. I legit cross referenced their list with what is in our local water and at the cost, knew this was our best option.  It comes with the 2.5 Liter glass carafe which makes it easy to fill up and also easy to clean. I love that if or when we move, I can take it with me! It’s a great solution too if you’re a renter and want clean purified drinking water ASAP. The filters last awhile too and are super easy to re-order online. I feel better mentally knowing I am getting clean drinking water but also my skin and gut health have improved since adding the AquaTru technology to our daily lives. I am truly obsessed and so is Robb so it is win-win in our household!

When to Use the AquaTru Filter

Most of us have contaminated water so if you don’t have a filter- GET ONE! We use of our AquaTru to keep glass water bottles filled up in our fridge at all times, for our coffee, for cooking and even for our dog Sunny’s water bowl. We use it EVERY SINGLE DAY- I don’t touch tap water now- but need a shower filter still lol.

Where to Buy AquaTru

You can shop all AquaTru products on their website: As I mentioned, AquaTru has multiple filter solutions including alkaline countertop purifier and under the sink purifiers too. Once you look up your local water and figure out what your personal needs are, you’ll know which one is for you! I will purchase the under the sink one for our future home- can’t wait!

Overall Rating:

The AquaTru carafe is without a doubt the best purchase I have made in 2022…’s made a difference in my skin health, gut health and just how I feel mentally knowing I am controlling how I can avoid contaminants in my water in my own home.  5/5!!!