I am sooo excited to share my new favorite tanning product from my fav brand- Lux Unfiltered. If you know this brand, then you know Sivan. She is just an iconic influencer who really nailed the self tanning space with her super natural, great smelling products with the most stunning branding. Plus, she just GETS the power of amazing an aesthetic. I did a whole review on Lux Unfiltered Tanning Lotion here but I am now OBSESSED with her new mousse product….here’s the deets:

Why I Love the Lux Unfiltered N°36 SUPERNATURAL TANNING MOUSSE

As you know, I am ALL for non-toxic products. The fact that now a tanning mousse exist that is toxic free is a WIN! But the best part? It actually WORKS. The ingredients are legit- jojoba seed oil, papaya extract and hyaluronic acid to name a few. It’s also the kind of foam that isn’t sticky, is FAST-DRYING  and hydrating. Plus, the smell is BEYOND incredible- a juicy blood orange scent- it’s insane. It’s also super easy to apply- I use a general tanning mitt and just rub it all over the areas I want tan, in a circle motion. The tan develops within 2 hours and continues to over about 8 hours. The best part about this tanning mousse is in it’s name- it’s super natural in the best way. It looks like a real, golden tan and it is easy to layer on over a couple of nights without looking streaky. It’s not orange and is the perfect golden color. I love to layer the tanning lotion on top for the perfect, easy-to-maintain natural tan.  Lux Unfiltered as a brand is the best when it comes to transparency too- the supernatural tanning mousse is gluten free,  paraben free, vegan, silicone free and sulfate free. It’s the best it gets for a tanning mousse and the results deliver! The smell itself too is sooo worth it- I need a lotion in this scent!!! You’ll believe me once you get it.


I use the Supernatural Tanning Mousse whenever I want an easy, simple tan. It’s best to always exfoliate before applying. I then use 1-3 pumps per area of my body, and use the mitt in a circular motion to blend into my skin. I always hydrate with the tanning lotion after 8 hours but I love that I can reapply the following day for a deeper color. It’s best to use a few days in a row if you want a more intense glow.

Where to buy Lux Unfiltered: 

You can find all Lux Unfiltered products directly on their website- check out ALL their products- I am obsessed with ALL of them.

Overall Rating:


This is the only tanning product I can see myself using for the foreseeable future- no nasty smell, super natural and CHIC. Please get your hands on this ASAP if you want a new tanning product!