PINK’S PICK REVIEW: LMNT Electrolyte Drink Mix

I am BACK. My Pink’s Pick this week is a wee bit delayed. I got destroyed by NASTY food poisoning. I was DOWN and out for over 48 hours. NEVER TAKE YOUR HEALTH FOR GRANTED!!  It’s ironic though because my Pink’s Pick review this week is a product that SAVED ME the past 48 hours: LMNT. I have been testing this product now for months and it’s finally ready for its moment to SHINE. Here are the deets on LMNT:

What is LMNT Electrolyte Drink Mix:

You’ve likely been bombarded with many ads about different electrolyte drinks over the years (Gatorade, Pedialyte, LiquidIV to name a few) and may have been thinking “What’s the best one?!” I grew up on Gatorade for sports practices and Pedialyte when I was sick as a kid and let’s just say those SUGARY options are just not it. Healthier and cleaner options for electrolyte replenishment are finally available on the market and I officially have a favorite: LMNT. LMNT is an electrolyte drink mix with zero sugar, no nasty additives, and no artificial colors like in many sports drinks. You simply add the pack to water! LMNT mastered a formula that works to actually support hydration, based on science. They use salt, magnesium, and potassium as the main ingredients to support hydration, based on clinical evidence. 

WHY SODIUM?! I thought the same thing but sodium is key for hydration because when you sweat, you lose salt. Check out their in-depth and scientific explanation of their formula here. 

LMNT drink mix features 1000 mg of sodium (yes, you need it) 200 mg of potassium and 60 mg of magnesium (we all also need this). This clinical and scientific combo came to life when LMNT’s co-founder, Robb Wolf (a former bio-chemist) found that many people deal with salt, potassium and magnesium deficiencies, which all can work together to support hydration and better overall performance.

Why I love LMNT:

If you know me, you love I am very active. I workout daily, whether it’s running, walking, weight training, or Pilates. I am always looking for ways to elevate my lifestyle in general and LMNT has been KEY for me. I can’t travel without it.  I love the small, easy pouch but also the SCIENCE behind it is real. LMNT is one of those electrolyte mixes that WORKS. I feel rejuvenated, and hydrated with NO crashes whenever I drink these (and it literally saved me from dehydration when I had food poisoning no joke).  I also love that this is sugar-free with pure CLEAN ingredients. It has the cleanest ingredients compared to other electrolyte drink options on the market. I will say it does take awhile to get used to the saltiness so my recommendation is to use 16oz or more water to mix it with. This depletes the saltiness but honestly, now I LOVE it. Again, it’s so easy to travel with, all the flavors are good and I truly can’t go a day without it. I like to drink it before my morning workouts or during them and of course, is critical to have it on hand for stomach emergencies. Plus, I love knowing I am also getting magnesium and potassium.  Adding LMNT into my daily routine is such an easy hack to ensure I am hydrated, which helps me stay productive and energized. You know I am ALL about the best, and healthiest option that doesn’t suck, and LMNT is IT in the electrolyte category. Plus, LMNT is paleo, keto-friendly, gluten free, sugar free AND vegan; allll the things! 

Where to buy LMNT Electrolyte Drink Mix:

I regularly buy LMNT packs on Amazon and have it set up for regular delivery through the Amazon subscription option. I like the variety pack but my personal favorite flavor is the watermelon salt.

You can also purchase LMNT packs directly on their website as well. I am curious about the chocolate salt flavor which I heard some people love to drink warm!

Overall Pink’s Pick Rating: 

LMNT Electrolyte Drink Mix is a solid 5/5 on the Pink’s Picks scale. As someone who values good, clean ingredients, LMNT is the best tasting, and best ingredient hydration drink option.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!!