I am SO excited for today’s PINK’S PICK- slip Pure Silk Pillow Case. This is one of those easy products that is an absolute MUST have if you want to transform your skin and hair overnight. Here’s the deets:

Why I Love the slip Pure Silk Pillow Case:

You’ve likely heard of the benefits of using a silk pillow case- it’s great for your hair and skin. But I can tell you,  it actually works. Slip’s 100% silk pillow cases help prevent friction between your hair and your pillow, leading to less breakage, especially if you sleep on your side. As a side sleeper, I also knew silk would be a benefit for my skin too. Silk pillow cases absorb less moisture and dirt from your skin (ew). So with a silk pillow case,  you’re less likely to be sleeping while your skin is in direct contact with dirty material aka a cotton pillow case. This also means the expensive products your using on your face won’t be absorb in your pillowcase and will be more likely to stay on your skin (MAJOR WIN).  There are also anti-aging benefits that comes with silk too. Sleeping on a smoother fabric prevents creasing in your skin, therefore preventing wrinkles and aging marks. Also, because silk is such a comfortable fabric, it’s gentle on your skin so you’re less likely to wake up with irritated or unhappy skin!  Plus, I love that slip’s actual pillowcases are backed by dermatologists- the benefits are REAL and it’s such a simple hack for long-term results.

When to Use the silk pillow case:

Obviously, you’ll use slip’s silk pillowcase when you sleep lol. Swap out any pillowcase you use with silk and your skin and hair will thank you! Think of all the hours you spend sleeping- this is truly an anti-aging hack for anyone! I will note it is EXTREMELY important to take care of your pillowcases correctly- you will want to either HANDWASH with slip’s gentle silk wash in a delicate bag or you can machine wash it on gentle cycle, cold water, with a gentle/pH neutral detergent- never use the dryer!! This will help your pillowcase LAST! You can even dry clean it!

Where to Buy slip silk pillow cases: 

You can buy slip’s products directly on their website but I bought mine from Nordstrom! They also have other silk products, like their scrunchies that I also LOVEEE. Check those out too here!

Overall Rating:

The slip Silk pillow case is such an iconic add to your life that it’s easily a 5/5 for me. The benefits are insane and it’s an easy solution for better skin and hair. I’ve tried knock off versions from Amazon but this one truly takes the cake! Let me know what you think- plus they come in so many fun colors!