HAPPY (almost) NEW YEAR! Can you BELIEVE it’s almost 2024?! I am so excited for a new year and beyond grateful for 2023. I married the love of my life, traveled over 120K miles for work/fun, gained a new niece and nephew, and had just SO much fun celebrating so many wonderful life events. I am also SO grateful for the community I have built here and for all the support on my blog. It’s a dream to share what I love and I can’t WAIT for 2024.

Every year, I share my favorite products for the year, “the grand list” and so here it is! 2023 PINK’S PICKS MASTER LIST!! These are the things I can’t live without, repurchased, or that I was obsessed with this past year.  HAPPY END OF THE YEAR!!!



Hourglass Phantom Volumizing Glossy Lip Balm

The hourglass phantom plumping balm has been one of my favorite beauty discoveries this year (thanks TikTok!). I just love the consistency, colors and packaging. The sleek gold tube is always in my purse and is the one product I grab for consistently. I love using the Charlotte Tilbury iconic nude lip liner with the trace color phantom balm; it’s so good.  I even wore it on my wedding day!

Rare Beauty Positive Light Silky Touch Highlighter

There has been SO many incredible reviews on Rare Beauty’s products this year and I officially understand the hype. The highlighter is my absolute favorite. It is simply stunning. It’s silky smooth, illuminating and multipurpose. You can use it on your cheekbones, eye lids, and truly anywhere you want that extra glow. I have the champagne color but really want to try the others too. This is one of those products I can’t travel without. LOVE HER. Great job, Selena!!

PATRICK TA Major Headlines Double-Take Crème & Powder Blush Duo

I am now a blush girlie and my official 2023 blush product was by Patrick Ta. I loved the combo of cream and blush in his duo palette. It’s perfect on it’s own over SPF or with foundation. My current favorite color is “she’s blushing”. This is my must have blush product and is also so easy to use. It’s pretty much two products in one and each color can be worn on it’s own or together. A must have!!



My #1 go to skincare splurge this year was on hydrafacials. I was prepping for my wedding day and I knew I needed to get on a really good skin routine so I did hydrafacials every month for about 8 months leading up to my big day and they’re a GAME CHANGER. I go to Amy Berisha Aesthetics in Newport Beach and see Kate (ILY). I know everyone’s skin is different but this is the one thing that has truly made a difference for me with a consistent skincare routine. It works to plump your skin with incredible peptides and products while also leaving your skin hydrated and glow-y. I am not an expert but I can say I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Worth every penny!


Once I started doing consistent hydrafacials, I also got on a complete skincare routine. I actually started using ZO Skin Health products and I realized it is SO much better to use products designed to work together than just a bunch of random products from Sephora. One of my favorite products in my routine I think everyone needs is the ZO Skin Health Exfoliating Polish. Designed for all skin types, this polish is gentle enough to use daily and immediately leaves your skin smooth and soft. I use it EVERY SINGLE morning and can’t travel without it. Obsessed is an understatement.


AquaTru Carafe: Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

This year I was dedicated to my overall wellness and the one thing that changed my overall well-being is my AquaTru Carafe Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier I did a whole review you can read here, but this is a MUST have for anyone looking to transform their health. Good, healthy, clean water is essential and this countertop system is easy to use, small, and has been perfect for us in our home. I can’t recommend it enough.  Plus, their filters are easy to re-order and last awhile too!


I have officially been using my Cymbiotika Probiotic for 2 years and I will NEVER stop. This product has been a complete game changer for my gut health. I originally tried the Seed probiotic but switched this one after extensive research on the ingredients and manufacturing process. Read my full review here, but essentially this probiotic is designed to reach your gut (many do not) and contains glutamine, pre/probiotics and is made in the USA. I take 3 tablets every single night and it’s helped clear my skin, solve my bloating issues and just overall, keeps my gut happy. SO much of our health relies on our gut. Of course, consult your healthcare provider before adding anything into your routine, but this is one of my favorite products ever.


I won’t shut up about the HATCH. Read my full review here, but this was a game changer to my daily routine. I now wake up CALM, refreshed and without a jarring iPhone alarm 😀

Best investment EVER.


HOKA Clifton 9 Running Shoe

I started my half marathon training towards the end of this year and so far, the HOKA Clifton 9 have been my favorite running shoe for long runs. From the cushion, to the support and stability, HOKA just WORK. I feel like I can run faster and longer whenever I wear my HOKA. I know they’re not the cutest shoe, but, they offer great support, especially in the ankle area. They run true to size and come in so many fun colors. I have them in black but can’t wait to get a different color! I also do love the Clifton 8 too – read my full review here. 


AGOLDE 90’s Pinch Waist Jeans

This is year, a lot of my “fashion finds” were for my wedding/wedding events so I didn’t splurge on staples like I normally would. BUT my most worn fashion item for 2023 has been the AGOLDE 90’s Pinch Waste Jean. This pair of denim is just a classic. I can dress them up or down. I love the fit of the straight leg and the standard mid-wash color. AGOLDE does a great job creating great, structured denims. This is a pair I grab for again and again! Just note they do NOT have stretch. They’re a more structured fit which I loveeeee.


Branch Basics Cleaning Products: Read my full review here but this is the BEST, easy swap to make your home a little less toxic.

GRAB GREEN CLEAN Laundry Detergent: The only laundry detergent I use!

ATTITUDE EWG Verified Body Wash (A MUST HAVE): I said BYEEE to toxic body washes and found ATTITUDE. 100% toxic free and it works! Plus, it smells SO good I promise.

HENRY ROSE NON-TOXIC Candle: this is my favorite candle now. They’re 100% non-toxic, EWG verified and STUNNINGLY sleek. Obsessed. This brand was founded by Michelle Pfeiffer too!

Caraway Cooking Pots/Pans: Another non-toxic brand! This is one of my fav gifts this year off our wedding registry. We use it everyday!!

Murad City Skin Age Sunscreen:  This has been my go-to sunscreen this year. The consistency is amazing and doesn’t clog pores.

LMNT Electrolytes: I can’t stop buying these. I have one at least once a day. It’s my new favorite hydration powder. Sugar-free and also has magnesium and potassium! I love the watermelon salt flavor.

Cymbiotika Super Greens: This is another product I am NEVER without. It’s an easy way to get greens in daily. I always travel with them too!

BEIS Suitcase: I have logged a lot of miles with my Beis this year! Still my fav suitcase. It’s sleek and has lasted MANY miles.

Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment: This is another lip product I always have when I travel. I love the salted caramel!!