PINK’S PICKS: Branch Basics

I am SO excited to review my new holy grail home care product- Branch Basics. When I was doing my spring cleaning this year, I wanted to de-toxify my house. To me, that meant getting rid of any products that are harmful/toxic, including products with fragrances, parabens, Formaldehydes, and the endless list of other “bad for you” ingredients. I knew I needed to start first with my cleaning supplies since this is something I use daily that is touching our surfaces, floors, and therefore anything else that touches those things aka ME. When I started researching, I came across Branch Basics and I am obsessed. Here are the deets:

Why I love Branch Basics:

I am just SO over the toxic product world – once I did my own research on what is found in products like regular Tide detergent, bleach, and Clorox wipes, I knew I needed to clean out my cleaning supplies. (If you’re curious, look up any product on!) Getting new cleaning supplies is such an easy swap I knew could make an impact on my daily life by eliminating my exposure to known harmful ingredients.  It’s the one product I use daily on pretty much any surface I touch. When I Google searched  “best non-toxic cleaning supplies” and the Branch Basics slogan immediately caught my eye – clean without compromise– that is what I was looking for.

They simply created a non-toxic, plant/mineral-based concentrate to replace all cleaning supplies – you just simply add water to the concentrate! Plus, it’s fragrance-free and actually works to get out the grime on everyday surfaces. And I really mean it- it works!!  The Branch Basic’s starter kit is the way to go – they provide you with the concentrate and bottles to make bathroom cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, streak-free cleaner, and hand soap plus you get non-toxic laundry detergent. It’s seriously SO simple and lasts forever. I have had the same kit for 6+ months and use it daily. I also have noticed our house just feels better- no weird bleach smells that give me a headache and I just feel better knowing I am using products daily that aren’t harmful to me and my family.

If you’re skeptical, you can even try a trial kit for $5- click here! You can also select to get the glass bottles or plastic bottles– I love options. Plus, they have an A+ rating on the EWG website! (aka the environmental working group approves!)

Where to find Branch Basics:

You can shop all Branch Basics products directly on their website. They have different options of kits and products – shop here!

Overall Rating:

If you’re looking to elevate your cleaning game AND de-toxify your home, Branch Basics is a 5/5 – STELLAR. This is a PINK’S PICK without a doubt. Let me know if you give it a try!

Shop the Premium Starter Kit Here!