I am ready to spill my secret on the best hack EVER. Literally- you will thank you me later 🙂 So I am obsessed with sunglasses. I have terrible eyesight and I rely on sunglasses 99.9% of the time. I also have an expensive taste for sunglasses. I discovered one of the BEST online retailers to find reasonably priced designer sunglasses. It’s both a blessing and a curse LOL but I am SOO stoked to share – EZ ContactsHere’s the deets:


EZ Contacts is an online eyewear retailer with INSANE deals. They offer contacts, glasses, and of course, sunglasses. I was initially skeptical of the prices but after ordering MULTIPLE pairs of sunglasses – they’re LEGIT and the only place I buy sunglasses from now.  They offer quick shipping and discounted pricing AND you can even use your FSA/HSA accounts to pay for anything that qualifies. And you can even add prescriptions to your glasses! I originally found the site after I found a pair of YSL sunglasses I wanted but they were $550. I couldn’t get myself to pull the trigger. I went home and typed in the model online and found EZ Contacts- and they were only  $328!!  I know – still expensive BUT a steal in my opinion. I ordered them and when I got them, it came in the designer case and they were LEGIT.  I always keep my eye on the site because their prices do fluctuate, but EZ Contacts is amazing – here are my FAVORITE FINDS for incredible prices:



These are the ones I wear the most- the YSL SL M94



My newest obsession – the YSL SL M115

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I always keep my tabs on the site because like I said, prices change often and they have random sales and promo codes!!

Shop all my favorite’s here:



This is one of my best kept secrets so ENJOY!!!! Let me know if you find a favorite pair!