PINK’S PICKS: Hatch Restore

I have officially begun receiving wedding registry gifts and I am SOO excited to start sharing my favorites! This week I am sharing my review of one of the BEST wedding gifts we received so far- the Hatch Restore sound machine/sunrise alarm clock. I initially thought this was just another trendy gadget with little to no purpose, but I was wrong. Here’s the deets:

Why I love Hatch Restore:

I don’t know about you, but I HATE the iPhone alarms. They have the most jarring sounds and I always wake up STRESSED just by the sound alone. When I was browsing for wedding gifts, and came across the Hatch Restore, I was intrigued and added to our Amazon wedding list. They marketed it with the slogan “feel well-rested from sunset to sunrise” and it is designed exactly for that. The sleek alarm has a clock face and optional light, and it is also a sound machine. When we got it, we set it up immediately. Of course, it’s connected to an app but it was simple to connect and set up and WOW this little thing has a LOT of capabilities. You can set up a nighttime routine with sounds, and red light options, and then you can set up your wake-up routine- with additional sounds and lights. I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to wake up naturally to the sound of waves and dim light the next morning at 6 AM. I felt refreshed, relaxed, and ready to take on the day. Literally incredible. Now every night, I love getting into bed with the sound of classical music or nature noises, it puts me right to sleep and I wake up significantly more energized. BYEEE iPHONE SOUNDS!!

The other great thing about the Hatch Restore is they offer you a 60-day trial and even a 30-day trial with their membership. The membership is essentially access to exclusive specific content, such as guided meditations, sleep stories, and so on. I personally don’t have this but it is a nice option in case you want more content. I feel like sleep stories would be great for kids!

My favorite feature is the sunrise alarm- this is when the device wakes you up with light and not sound. It’s designed to mimic the sunrise with various colors- orange, light pink, and light yellow. I was nervous I wouldn’t wake up but it WORKS and I love it so much. It’s so peaceful. But I generally just love how you can completely personalize each routine and change it up as needed. But if you want to be more restful, and less stressed waking up – the Hatch Restore is for you! Ditch the phone alarms.

When to use Hatch Restore:

Hatch Restore can be used as simply an alarm or for all your evening and morning routines. It has so many options. Set it up on your nightstand, download the app and you will find the best option for you. I highly recommend the sunrise alarm, falling asleep to the waves sound or both for the best sleep ever. You can also change the settings at any time! We love to update the evening sounds but I personally LOVE waking up to the waves.

Hatch also has other products for children and babies, including the RestGo, the Rest+, which are sound machines for babies and children to promote better sleep. I’ve heard so many good things about these products too so if you’re a mom or soon to be mom, add to your registry 🙂

Where to buy Hatch Restore:

You can buy the Hatch restore directly on their website or of course, on Amazon! This would be SUCH a great gift for only $129! I am OBSESSED

Overall Rating: 5/5

Robb and I are both obsessed with the Hatch – we wake up WAY less stressed and just overall more relaxed. It’s so peaceful to use at night too. We’re definitely going to gift this!! Let me know if you give it a try!