Pink’s Picks: LUNYA ROBE

Today is the day I share one of my favorite gifts I have received! The Lunya robe. Every gal deserves a luxurious robe- one that feels like butter on the skin but also looks cute for walking around the house. Read on if you want to gift the BEST gift ever or splurge for yourself 🙂 

Why I love the Lunya Robe:

First off, Lunya is luxiours. All of their products and their brand just screams luxury! They focus on products made for your “otium” which they describe as your leisure time to relax and chill- essentially the moment right after work ends. Say no more. The robe is legit the perfect robe I have ever used- it is beyond soft yet not bulky, and actually looks super chic, and is incredibly durable. It is something you actually want your neighbors to see you in 🙂 I refer to it as my house coat LOL. But literally the quality is amazing, and it features an attached belt, pockets and a hanging loop that makes it easy to hang up in your bathroom or bedroom. I love the black one but it also comes in white and gray too. This is truly the gift of luxury and one someone would never forget! Say goodbye to the bulky robe and hello to sleek!

When to use the Lunya robe: 

As I mentioned, I refer to my robe as my house coat. It legit can be worn any time in the house- post shower, to lounge, and even looks cute up top on zoom calls 🙂 This is also what I wear whenever I get ready for a night out, for work or whenever. It is truly one item I use every single day without fail.

Where to buy Lunya: 

You can get your Lunya robe through their website. Also check out their luxurious pajamas, washable silk (YES washable!) and other incredible comfortable products.

Overall Rating:

My Lunya robe is a 5/5….I seriously love it so much. I truly recommend it because of the soft yet breathable fabric, the way it gives you waist, and the durability but also because it is practical for the every day gal or guy looking for a comfortable, long-lasting product they can grab for to feel comfortable and confident in their home (equally as important as out of the house!) Be the best gift giver and gift one today or treat yourself 😉