Pink’s Picks: +Lux Unfiltered Gradual Self Tanning Cream

my tanned self has entered the chat…..doesn’t everyone feel better with a tan?! But if you’re like me and avoid the sun, getting a natural tan isn’t an option (unless I am in Hawaii…). I have STRUGGLED with sunless tanner…from Jergens to tanning drops, I was always streaky and smelled like a bad tan (THE WORST SMELL). Then I discovered Sivan Ayla and +Lux Unfiltered and it is a tanning GAME changer. Made with natural ingredients while looking aesthetically chic in your bathroom, +Lux Unfiltered is the answer to the tan struggle. Read on for WHY you need to add this in your daily routine for that glow you never knew you needed….

Why I love N 32 +Lux Unfiltered Gradual Self Tanning Cream: 

My favorite part of the Lux Unfiltered’s Gradual Self Tanning Cream is found in the name…it’s that it is GRADUAL – it’s a buildable lotion that helps you develop a natural looking glow over time. Honestly, self tanning can be an overwhelming process with the mitts, and the foam (IYKYK). But this lotion is perfect and easy to use consistently without looking over done and achieving the perfect glow. Also, as you know, I am obsessed with ingredients and what I put on my skin. This tanning lotion has the good stuff- shea butter, cocoa butter, and avocado oil, which all moisturize your skin. It is non-toxic, vegan. paraben free, silicone free and also SMELLS GOOD. I love the santal one. Here is my routine: I exfoliate with +Lux Unfiltered’s body polish in the shower, I then apply the white tanning cream in a circular motion, starting on my legs, working my way up my body. I always wash my hands when done to avoid any streak on the wrist/between the fingers (no cheetos fingers). It’s SO easy, smells so good, and feels luxurious- no weird, sticky vibe once you’re done. It also has never transferred onto my white bed sheets- a major win. My only regret about this product is not buying it sooner. Also, the bottle is just too chic- you want it on the IG feed/displayed in your bathroom.

When to use N 32 +Lux Unfiltered Gradual Self Tanning Cream: 

Whenever you want a perfect glow, use this tanning cream multiple times a week. For a subtle glow, I like to use Lux Unfiltered a couple times a week- usually Sunday and Wednesday to get specific lol. I love that it is buildable so if I have a trip coming up or need an extra tan, I will use it a couple days in a row for a good tan. It’s really great because it is both a moisturizer and a tanning lotion- truly a 2 in 1. It’s also great to travel with but also make sure to exfoliate during the week too to get that perfect, streak less tan!

Where to buy N 32 +Lux Unfiltered Gradual Self Tanning Cream: 

You can buy all +Lux Unfiltered products directly through their website– I can’t wait to try the tanning drops, body glow and hand lotion– I have heard amazing things!  I hope one day you can shop this in store but their delivery and customer service have been top notch in my experience. Plus, its under $35….SUCH a steal.

Overall Rating:

As someone who is lazy/a non-perfectionist with tanning, +Lux Unfiltered Gradual Self Tanning Cream has been the best hack. I get the best glow, without a ton of effort and it doesn’t stain the sheets so this product gets a 4/5 for me. I knocked a star only because I wish the bottle came with more product lol I have already finished one bottle in about a month and a half (I feel like tanning mousse lasts longer). If you want a buildable, subtle glow, this is your new tanning BFF!