Pink’s Picks: Luxx Air Pro 2

HI! Happy Pink’s Pick Day! I am SOOOO excited to share with you all my new FAVORITE hair tool, the best blowdryer brush I have ever used – the Luxx Air Pro! So I have seen such a hype around the Dyson Airwrap but I truly could not wrap my head around the price (pun intended). I have used it before and thought it was GREAT but I could never justify spending over $400 on it. But airwraps and blowdryer brushes are all the hype so I knew I wanted one. I love the idea of having one tool with multiple functions. So I am STOKED I discovered the Luxx Air Pro. This hair dryer and volumizer all wrapped in one is SO GOOD and at an incredible price!! Here are the deets:

Why I love the Luxx Air Pro 2:

As I have mentioned before, I am SUPER low maintenance when it comes to hair so I truly wouldn’t recommend a hair product/tool unless I thought the hype was REAL and it’s easy to use. I was looking for a legit blowdryer brush that would both act as a blow dryer and volumizer. With the Luxx Hair Dryer, you get all the options.  It comes with 5 separate pieces that easily click into the main hub so you can achieve any hairstyle with one tool. There is the round volumizer brush, the smoothing brush, pre-styling dryer and 2 separate curling barrels. Here is a look at the box and what it comes with:

Plus I love how the case it comes in is super chic. The whole aesthetic is a 10/10- I LOVE NEUTRALS!

The technology behind the Luxx Air Pro 2 is also second to none. They use a hypersonic technology on the curling barrels so there is no tug to your hair and the barrel seamlessly curls the hair automatically. Plus, the no static electricity means NO frizzy hair with any of the piecea. All the tools create a softness and smoothness to the hair so there is seriously no crazy-looking static (no one wants that). Plus, the easy to use settings make this whole system simple. You can adjust the temperature and speed with the easy buttons on the main motor piece.


I love all the options with the settings. There are 3 airflow settings, 3 heat settings and a cold shot setting to help set your curls (deactivates the heat). Each attachment is removed by pressing white button. It’s SO easy to add each attachment too. Ease of use is essential to me! And that is why I fell in love with this tool. You have the luxx hair dryer, blowdryer brush and volumizer all in one. 

When To Use the Luxx Air Pro

Each of the pieces with the Luxx Air Pro are designed for different steps/results depending on how you want to style your hair. Here is when you would use each piece:

The Luxx Hair Dryer:

The luxx hair dryer is INSANELY good. This simple and sleek dryer piece is probably my favorite. It’s perfect to use pre-styling as it dries the hair SOOO fast and is also pretty quiet compared to any other dryers I used. The luxx air pro also makes my hair incredibly SOFT! I love to use this to get my hair a little dry before using the barrels or to dry all my hair, quickly, if I am not styling it.  Plus, the luxx hair dryer is so cute and works just as well as any other hypersonic dryer I have tried! But I also love the colors #neurtalsforlife

The Round Volumizer Brush:

This piece is a hair dryer and volumizer in one. The soft bristles on the brush are the perfect thickness to help air directly dry your roots to achieve the perfect, volume look. I love using this one when I want to wear my hair straight with extra body OR to round out segmented pieces to achieve a loose curl/wave. You can take the brush up to your scalp and round the hair out or wrap a piece around the brush like a curling iron. I use this on a medium heat setting for the perfect volume. It it a hair dryer and volumizer all in one.

The Smoothing Brush:

I also love the blowdryer brush– especially this one with smaller bristles to help you achieve more of a sleek, blow out look. I love using this for a quick, straight hair or if I want to dry out my hair and make it look super smooth. It dries the hair SO fast without frizz. It is easy to use- you just brush it out as if you are brushing your hair! You then have dry, sleek hair with this one simple tool- the best blowdryer brush I have yet to use.

Two Curling Barrels:

I am OBSESSED with the curling barrels- I can’t get over how they curl the hair automatically!  Each of these barrels are 1.5 inches. You can achieve curls from either direction, helping to create that flawless, effortless bouncy curl look. That why there are two- one for curls in each different direction. One is clockwise and the other is counter clockwise. You simply add on these attachments and select a heat setting (I use the highest one since I have fine hair). You want to start with DAMP HAIR!  You grab the piece of hair you want to curl, and bring the bottom end of the hair close to the start of barrel tip and the hair will simply wrap around the barrel with the airflow. This takes a bit of practice to be honest but once you get it down, it’s SO easy. I can use this piece and achieve curls in less than 5 minutes (I do have shorter hair though!) It creates a really nice, bouncy look. I will sometimes even curl over the luxx air pro curls for a more refined look.  But the ease of these tools makes it hard for me to want to use anything else. Did I mention I am OBSESSED?!

Where to Buy the Luxx Air Pro 2:

You can find the Luxx Air Pro directly on their website! It sold out SO fast last time so get your hands on it soon. Under $300!!! (The Dyson Airwrap is over $400….). I am telling you this is the perfect gift for yourself or ANYONE! So so so good.

Overall Rating: 

Because this product is simple to use and has SO many options, I give it a solid 4/5 stars. I really wish it came with instructions on how to use each piece but it will be on their website soon (they’re avoiding paper instructions to help the environment- #win). I hope this post can provide you more insights. It is it SO worth it and compared to the Dyson airwrap and others on the market, you can’t go wrong. It’s essentially the same thing but much more budget friendly Let me know if you give it a try!!

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