I am SO excited it’s officially feeling like the 2023 HOLIDAY season! I love shopping for my friends and family and of course, putting together gift guides to help you all shop too! BUT one of the MOST asked questions I have got in my DMs this past week is “what is on your gift wish list?” Of course, I really don’t need anything, but you know I love curating a list so I put together an inspirational gift guide of what I would ask for. For me, these are things I wouldn’t buy myself but would love to have or you can view this as “the multi-faceted, cool girl” gift guide. I love trends, but not overspending on trendy items and I love GREAT staple pieces worth the investment. Plus, I travel a lot, love working out and health/fitness, and of course, I love FASHION. So use this guide as inspiration if you will or for ideas for shopping for a cool, fun gal in your life.


When it comes to clothing and fashion pieces, I typically buy them myself lol. BUT I do have a few on my radar that I think would be great gifts.

Mini Uggs: I actually DON’T own these and between going to pilates, running quick errands, and potentially going on a snow trip, I think I’d get a TON of use out of them. Plus, I also really want these slippers too.


Classic Coat: There’s nothing better than a classic coat, but living in OC, I don’t necessarily always NEED a big jacket. But between my many travels, I wish I had something cozy for the plane but chic enough to wear to dinner too and this Sezane coat is the perfect mix.


Timeless Sunglasses: Because of my sensitive eyes, I am NEVER without sunglasses and sunglasses are my favorite accessory. I have been eyeing these Celine ones forever.


Other fashion picks I’d put on my list:

A good belt: The Khaite Bambi belt has been on my wishlist forever – but also sharing a few more timeless, great belt options!


Sambas/Sneakers: I think these will go out of style but with an upcoming Europe trip, I would love to wear these. I also always love a pair of GG’s.


The perfect scarf: I am in need of a great new scarf. I love a classic one that is warm but also chic.


An oversized sweater/sweatshirt: Everyone needs their go-to sweater or sweatshirt! These are on my own wishlist:


For health and wellness, I have a BIGGGG list of things I’d LOVE one day (ice bath, sauna and a whole room just for my wellness routine lol) BUT, there are items I’ve been obsessing over for years that I would gift someone who is a health freak like me:

Red Light Therapy Mask: I have been wanting to purchase one of these forever. The benefits of red light therapy include reduction in inflammation, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, combats blue light and supports collagen production. I know they look ridiculous but the science behind red light is actually really powerful and I would LOVE to add one of these into my routine- self care!!


Skincare: Skincare is a BIG part of my health and wellness routine. I love taking care of my skin and it really is a ritual for me. I have been really wanting to add eye masks into my routine, but it’s something I feel like most people don’t buy themselves. I feel like these eye masks would make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer!


Infrared PEMF Mat: If you’re not familiar with PEMF, it is pulsed electromagnetic field. PEMF therapy has been proven to lower inflammation, reduce anxiety, and relieve muscles. Since I can’t commit to my home wellness center yet (lol) this is the perfect solution for a small space to still get the incredible benefits of infrared with PEMF.


Other great health/wellness gifts:

  • Massage
  • Fitness class package
  • Pedicure/Manicure


I sorted out my fitness picks mainly for athletic wear, athletic shoes and accessories for working out. I am actually about to start training for a half marathon and also love to do Pilates, and still do a lot of strength training. Here are my fitness picks I’d want as a gift:

Running Shoes: I have been wanting to try APLs running shoes since forever. I have always loved my Hokas and ON shoes but would love to give these a try. I love how they look sleek too.


Vuori Leggings: My favorite leggings of all time are the Vuori Daily legging. They can be worn to chill, to run, to the gym – they’re multi-functional, comfortable and the fit is amazing.


Pilates Socks: As a reformer Pilates fanatic,  I can never have too many pairs of grip socks! I love these from Bombas!


Here’s a collection of other random, fun gifts that most people probably wouldn’t buy themselves,  including me!