Today I am reviewing a new product I can’t live without daily – PIQUE Tea.

I know…so random to share a “tea” but this tea is NEXT level good (specifically their ginger one)….not just the taste but also the ingredients. Read on for why you need to add this elixir to your daily routine!

Why I love PIQUE Tea: 

Did you know many teas and tea bags on the market can contain molds and toxins?! Yeah…nasty and that is why I am SO glad I discovered Pique. Made from tea crystals, Pique Tea only uses the purest and freshest plant compounds to create their products so the benefits from the tea are actually ACTIVATED when you consume it. Pique is also in a crystal form dissolvable in water so it can be screened for all toxins/molds making it one of the most clean teas on the market. I was not really an “avid” tea drinker but I have always loved drinking tea throughout the day and especially at night to wind down. As a wellness junkie, I am always on the hunt for a product that actually will make a difference in how I feel. Pique’s Ginger Digestion Elixir was truly the answer to my tea prayers- it taste unbelievably refreshing hot or cold, (tastes like ginger with a hint of mint…YUM) contains NO additives and also calms my stomach (it is caffeine free too)! Now I legit crave it on a daily basis and it is the first thing I want to drink in the morning. I love ginger and the benefits are insane- ginger is proven to help fight inflammation, can support a healthy immune system and can assist with gut health. It’s a true win-win. But all of the Pique teas I have tried, I loved- the Matcha is GREAT if you like Matcha and the mint is a great replacement for my peppermint tea drinkers. If you’re going to drink tea, find a clean one and Pique will have one for you! They have black teas, green teas, herbal teas and even supplements! Check out their website for all the details. 

When to use PIQUE Ginger Digestion Elixir:

I love drinking my Pique Ginger tea first thing in the morning, warm with a slice of lemon. However,  I find myself drinking it ALL throughout the day too. It’s great cold as a refreshing treat and is the perfect warm drink before going to bed. I also love that I can travel with the packets! I always have one in my purse and share them with everyone when I go places lol.

Where to buy PIQUE Tea Crystals: 

You can check out ALL Pique Tea products on their website and they’re also on Amazon! I love buying on their site because you can “subscribe” for a cheaper price and if you drink it regularly, it is SO worth it! Each pack comes with 14 sticks.

Overall Rating:

PIQUE has been a staple product in my routine and there is NO going back for me….it is a 5/5. WORTH EVERY PENNY! I also truly think this is a great gift for anyone if your life. Let me know if you give it a try and what you think!