I am excited to share some of my fav things in my fav category….FOOD! I love food and have always been a foodie. After I recently decided to go more plant based and vegan, I have been on the hunt to find new fav snacks and goodies. I always try to eat whole plant food and less processed goods, however, it’s been incredible to see so many more brands are committed to REAL food in a snack form (does that even make sense? lol). Aka I love looking for real ingredients when it comes to things that I eat (but still love to splurge duhh). 

While I know the word “vegan” can be a turn off, it really just means abstaining from animal products. So anything labeled “vegan”, food or skin care or whatever, just means that it has no animal products in it. I try to stick to this 99% of the time but have still eaten fish. However, just because something is “vegan”, that doesn’t always mean it’s healthier or better (like so many things labeled vegan have weird/yucky ingredients). Just do what works for you and do you research. For me, I like food that has real ingredients to make me feel good (& with ingredients that I can actually pronounce) so I have rounded up my PINKS PICKS: SNACK EDITION – with a plant based twist!! These are items I eat on a weekly basis. I get most of these from Whole Foods or Amazon 🙂 shop the pics to find them! 


I love a good cracker- especially with a dip or two (or 5). I always have Simple Mills in my pantry and they are perfect to have out when friends are over or to snack on while mindlessly watching Netflix episodes. The ingredients are ON POINT– a great healthy alternative. I find these at most grocery stores now, like Whole Foods, Ralphs or Vons.


I LOVE POPCORN but Lesser Evil popcorn hits differently. It is the perfect salty treat that I never feel guilty about. I always order online with Amazon Fresh. 


I love dark chocolate and used to struggle finding one with clean ingredients. HU Kitchen has mastered their chocolate…any and all flavors are amazing. I could do a whole post on how much I love HU Chocolate (salty is my fav!!!) I always have a HU bar in my fridge for when I need a little bit of sweetness. I get this at Whole Foods or order in bulk online (the more the better!)


A weekly meal for me is pasta but it must be Tolerant Organic Red Lentil Penne. You wouldn’t even know this is made from lentils and is full of protein and fiber. SO bomb with just mushrooms and olive oil and spinach or a red sauce. I buy this at Whole Foods. Truly a weekly staple for me.


I love sauce and like things sauceyyyy. Looking for vegan sauces has been a challenge as so many brands are full of preservatives and weirdness. BITCHIN’ SAUCE just gets it. Creamy, flavorful and tastes good on basically everything with LEGIT ingredients (made mainly of almonds!). I always have a tub of Bitchin Sauce in my fridge and cilantro chili and pesto are my favs but they are all SO bomb. I get it at Whole Foods and even Costco has it! 

These are just a few of my favs and I am constantly trying new brands for the best healthy finds (& vegan too!) If you have any MUST TRYS, send them my way 🙂 I plan to share my Trader Joe’s favs next week so stay tuned!