HELLLOO! Happy JUNE! It is almost my favorite time of the year, aka Summer! This post will be the start to my Pink’s Places Reviews: Orange County Edition. I am going to share reviews on some of my favorite spots local to Orange County, CA and I am so stoked to share my review today on one of my favorite places ever in Newport Beach – let’s talk about BE Fit Modern Pilates. If you follow me on Instagram, then you KNOW this place is like my second home. I am obsessed with all things Pilates, but this studio has to be the best Pilates studio in Newport Beach and ALL of Orange County! Here are the deets:

Why I Love BE Fit Modern Pilates:

My love for Pilates began about 7 years ago when I lived in San Francisco. I lived about four blocks away from Core40 (miss you!) and I got HOOKED. The second I moved to OC, I was on the hunt to find a similar studio that offered “Lagree Style” Pilates. Lagree is essentially like Pilates, but on a megaformer – here’s a full article on the differences.  I tried pretty much every Pilates, reformer, and Lagree studio on ClassPass in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and even some in South County. But the second BE Fit opened in Newport Beach, I knew I was going to become a regular.

While it is not technically “Lagree” Pilates, BE Fit Modern Pilates uses a similar technique and BE Fit offers a 45 minute full body workout, that is low impact, high intensity, and done right on a reformer.

BE Fit Pilates Newport Beach Location

First off, the location is PRIME – BE Fit is located right in the Westcliff shopping center behind many of the shopping and restaurants that line 17th Street. And, of course, right by my fav coffee shop Kit Coffee. I never have any issues with parking, which is a big factor for me. But of course, the aesthetic of the studio is also on point. It’s clean, modern, sleek, and makes you WANT to work out.

A Spin on “Lagree Style” Pilates

What makes me come back time and time again is the workout itself. Like I said, it is a spin on the traditional “Lagree Style” workout – controlled movements, with some cardio and strength training. I have been doing reformer style Pilates for years, but at BE Fit, it NEVER gets easier, and for me, I like the challenge.

The instructors are also incredible – well trained, great energy, and I leave every workout feeling better and stronger. Plus, they’re all just NICE and not intimidating – which I think is so great for any newcomer. The team at BE Fit truly makes an effort to put you at ease if it’s your first class.

Class Scheduling and Times

BE Fit also offers great scheduling and time options – I love early mornings, but you can also find a class in the afternoon or evening. I could probably do a whole article on how Pilates changed my life but honestly, it is a life changing approach to working out and BE Fit Modern Pilates is the perfect twist on Pilates that I needed – my body CRAVES it.

How to Signup for BE Fit Classes

BE Fit is on ClassPass, but not ALL classes are offered on the app. You can check out their ClassPass availability by clicking here.

They offer great class packages on the BE Fit Modern Pilates app and you can sign up directly there too – it’s super simple.

Plus – your first class is only $19!! Sign up here!

How to Get to BE Fit Modern Pilates:

BE Fit now has many locations. You can find a studio in Long Beach, Orange County, and even in San Diego! You can find all of their locations by clicking here and looking at the bottom of the page.

Overall Rating of BE Fit Modern Pilates

It will likely be NO shock to those of you who follow me on Instagram,  that BE Fit Modern Pilates is a 5/5 for me. I am there at least two times a week LOL. It truly is the perfect workout, the best vibe, and one of the more friendly studios in OC that makes me feel welcome and excited to be there. Please let me know if you give it a try!! And if you think it’s hard, I know….but keep going 🙂 #makeitshake!!

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