PINK’S PICK: DoorJammer Portable

HAPPY MAY! Does anyone else feel like this YEAR is FLYING BY?! It’s insane. I have only been on a monthly cadence with my Pink’s Picks because life has been busy, but today’s pick is one of those items that I think EVERYONE needs- the guy, gal, homeowner, renter, traveler, student, teacher- you get it. It’s The DoorJammer. I know you’re thinking, HUH?! But let me explain- DoorJammer is a portable door security device, with a portable and lockdown option.

I travel a LOT for work and being on the road alone can be a little unsettling. When I discovered the DoorJammer Portable, it was a game changer for my mental health and feeling of security when in unknown locations. Here’s the deets and why this product has finally given me the peace of mind I need when I travel alone for work.

Why I Love the DoorJammer Portable:

As a homeowner, traveler, or someone who values personal security, you may have found yourself concerned about the safety of the doors in your home, hotel room, or other locations. The DoorJammer Portable is an innovative and compact door security device that is a solution for that extra security you might need. As a traveler myself, I was craving an extra peace of mind when staying in hotels alone. You just NEVER know who could be following you, looking at you, and I traveled to obscure places where an extra layer of security was necessary.

The DoorJammer Portable was literally exactly what I needed. It’s so small to travel with- fits in a backpack, suitcase, or purse. But the best part is how easy it is to use. It’s basically exactly as it sounds- it jams an in-swinging door and prevents anyone from getting in. It’s a patented steel design that works on pretty much any door. You simple place it on the ground by the door, and install it under the door by turning the screw. It’s super straightforward and WORKS. No complicated set up necessary. You legit can’t get through a door with one of these on the other side – check out this video for proof.

Plus, even if you heard an intruder, you could place this down so fast. It’s that simple.  It’s police accredited and an award-winning invention that I feel like EVERYONE needs. Travelling with security is a MUST- especially today. They also have a more industrial version called the “lockdown” and unfortunately with the world we live in, these are also a necessity for any teacher, business owner, student or anyone working in a public place. The lockdown version is a heavier design with public places/schools in mind- it keeps larger doors shut to avoid intrusion. It’s such an easy, simple tool to have at a public place or school to keep people safe in case a lockdown event occurs.


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When to use the DoorJammer Portable: 

I literally bring my DoorJammer Portable with me WHENEVER I travel. I also use it whenever I am home alone on the front door of my townhome. It’s so easy. But to break it down, here’s best times/places to use the DoorJammer Portable:

  1. Hotel door security: The Portable version is perfect for travelers who want to secure their hotel rooms, offering extra peace of mind against potential intruders or unauthorized entry.
  2. At Home: Homeowners can use the DoorJammer Portable to reinforce doors in their houses, apartments, or dorm rooms, ensuring their family and belongings are protected.
  3. Personal security: People can carry the Portable version in their bags, making it an excellent choice for securing doors in rented spaces, offices, or other locations where door security might be a concern.

Where to Buy DoorJammer: 

Find both the DoorJammer Portable and DoorJammer Lockdown directly on their website here. The portable one is under $30 and the lockdown (heavy duty) version is under $75. I was lucky enough to get a code- use PINKSPICKFV to get 20% off your DoorJammer on their website.  Apply it directly at checkout. 

I am so passionate about people getting their hands on this product- make safety a priority!

Overall Rating: 

Because this product is simple, efficient, and reliable, the DoorJammer is a 5/5. It’s the best invention for the extra peace of mind, especially when on the go. Don’t miss out on this handy tool! Let me know if you give it a try!

Don’t FORGET- use PINKSPICKFV to get 20% off your DoorJammer! Apply it directly at checkout.