I AM BACKKKKK. It’s been a crazy, wild few months but I am back with a PINK’S PICK! So stoked to share my review on HOKA! I have been working a lot more on my feet (standing in hospitals) and NEEDED comfortable shoes so I finally bit the bullet on the HOKA Clifton 8 Running Shoes and now I get the hype….here’s the deets:

Why I love The HOKA Clifton 8 Running Shoes:

When I originally heard of HOKA, I didn’t realize the wide array of shoe options they have! They have running shoes for all levels- hikers, runners, walkers- you name it. Originally found in France, HOKA, as a brand, was on a mission to create durable shoes for high performance. They specialize in THICK soles that are also lightweight.  As an average runner, HUGE walker, and now in a job that requires to be on my feet for hours at a time, I needed shoes for comfort but also shoes that are airy and light. The Clifton 8 checks on the boxes. Made of breathable mesh, the Clifton 8 is the perfect lace-up and stable shoe for support and comfort. Whether I am running, walking or standing, the HOKA delivers the best combination of soft and airy. I love that the cushion is still supportive yet neutral and they felt great on my first run- no breaking in needed. HOKA also feature Meta-Rocker technology- which essentially combines low heel-toe drop and a traditional rounded sole. This helps prevent too much pressure on the middle of the sole and toes. It truly works- I now don’t dread going to stand for hours at work. The only thing is they aren’t really the cutest shoe in the world LOL but the comfort is WORTH IT.

When to use HOKA Clifton Running Shoes:

As an average runner who averages maybe 6-7 miles a week, I will opt for my HOKAs, and for walking too. But as I mentioned, I also stand on my feet a lot for work and these have been the most comfortable shoe for long hours (over my ON Running shoes too….) But as I mentioned, HOKA, as a brand, designs podiatrist approved shoes…your feet will thank you!

Where to Buy HOKA Running Shoes:

You can now find HOKA running shoes at almost all major department stores and directly on their website as well. I found mine at Nordstrom and they come in so many fun colors.

Overall Rating:

Overall, I give the HOKA a 4/5…I only dock a star because they’re not as cute as some other shoes in my opinion. But they’re worth it with the comfort and support!! Let me know if you give them a try!!


Okay so I am obsessed with yet another activewear brand…. SET ACTIVE!! I don’t really know how I stumbled upon this brand but I followed them on IG and immediately knew I had to try their stuff (their marketing aesthetic is a solid 10/10). This review is on their SPORTBODY line (they also have SCULPTFLEX, LUXFORM, basics and sweats collection- the differences are the material each is made out of) I opted for SPORTBODY because of the name lol and it is their “sweat wicking” material so I wanted a set I could get sweaty in. Read on for why I ordered MORE of this set and have plans to raid my closet with every style:

Why I love Set Active SPORTBODY: 

When I think of activewear these days, I think it should function beyond a workout and Set Active nails that vibe. Aside from being chic, it is flattering, good quality and comes in SO many cute colors and I find myself wearing it to just run errands. As I mentioned, I got the SPORTBODY bra and legging combination from their ASPEN drop (they do fun drops with unique colors/styles that are limited edition!!) I specifically opted for the Dip Bra. The moment I put on the set, the material hugged my body in all the right places and was SO easy to move in.  It was extremely flattering and the leggings were actually NOT too long. I have worn it to hot yoga, Pilates and even for a run and the material has proven to be versatile for all activities.  Again this is a brand committed to function and style without skimping on comfort– the answer to my prayers. I love the monochrome vibe but appreciate how each piece can be styled perfectly on it’s own and looks even better paired together. They offer a set bundle too where you can pair a bra and leggings at a VERY reasonable price depending on the style you go with (around $100 for both!) I added a cropped sweatshirt to my order too and WOW- I love it. I am so stoked to start adding MORE to my collection- it’s just THAT good. 

When to use Set Active

I have worn my SPORTBODY set to all the activities- hot yoga, Pilates, running and to brunch LOL it is truly a set that is elevated from the rest- I feel good in it no matter what I am doing. It can be dressed up or down and is truly where function meets fashion. Plus, you can build an entire wardrobe from their stuff- basics and sweats to activewear!

Where to buy Set Active

I have bought my Set Active directly from their site (if you sign up with your email, your first order is 15% off!) I have also seen some items on Revolve but not a ton of options. Plus, you can follow Set Active on Instagram so you know when they’re doing exclusive “drops”! They also have a cool rewards program where you can earn points towards free stuff. I love how the brand is committed to building a community too- it’s what makes me want to be a returning customers over and over again.

Overall Rating:

Set Active for me is a solid 4/5 – great quality, flattering and chic! I wish some of their items were a little more reasonable but honestly I don’t mind the price tag because of the quality. Let me know if you give them a try!!


Pink’s Picks: Four Sigmatic Mushroom Cacao with Reishi

As many of you know, I have been doing my “state change” challenge, which is based on the book State Change by Robin Berzin. She is a functional doctor that dedicated a book on how you can essentially transform how you feel through ways beyond prescription medicine. I was immediately gravitated to it and sure enough, I started implementing many of her recommendations into my life and re-introducing some I lost sight of.  One of the routines I lost sight of was sipping my nightly Four Sigmatic Mushroom Cacao with Reishi. I know you read the word ‘mushroom’ and you’re thinking HUH!??! But hear me out….this stuff changed my life and the benefits are OUT of this world! (no- you’re not trippin’ on this lol)  If you’ve been following me awhile, you know I swear by this stuff. Read on for  why for you need to add Mushroom Cacao with Reishi to your night routine! 

Why I love Mushroom Cacao with Reishi

Not only does this hot cacao taste good (like hot chocolate, no joke), the benefits are INSANE!!! I know you read mushroom and you’re thinking EW but I am telling you these superfoods work wonders. Reishi mushrooms (formally known as ganoderma lucidum) are fungi that have been used for centuries primarily in Asian countries to help with immune health, stress and even improve sleep. Four Sigmatic decided to figure out how to apply these mushrooms to our modern lives. Starting in Finland, deep in nature, Four Sigmatic dedicated time to understand the powers behind these type of superfood mushrooms. Four Sigmatic then takes the bitter tasting mushrooms like Reishi and creates everyday products so we can reap the benefits- like in Cacao form….GENIUS (they also make coffees)! Read up here on the insane benefits of the queen mushroom, Reishi. I love the cacao mix because it is a simple powder that is added to hot water (or milk) and it truly is a relaxing experience between the taste and ritual of drinking it. It’s organic, non-GMO, plant-based, no added sugars but taste’s almost too good to be true.  This is a staple in my night routine and helps me calm down, sleep and feel relaxed every single sip. I love that it makes me feel GOOD while tasting good is good for you 🙂 

When to use Four Sigmatic Mushroom Cacao with Reishi

As I mentioned, I sip the Reishi Cacao as a part of my nighty routine- curled up with a book or watching TV. Four Sigmatic has other mushroom products if you’re looking for focus or energy but Reishi is the best for the evening or “chill” times. It is caffeine free too and is full of clean ingredients so it’s like a dessert without the guilt! The perfect tool to help you wind down.

Where to buy Four Sigmatic

You can buy ALL Four Sigmatic products through their website (you can sign up for subscriptions!) or directly through their Amazon. I also find it at my local Whole Foods and Mother Markets! You can buy a set of packs for typically less than $20 or a single packet to try at a local store. I guarantee though you will be hooked once you try it. I always travel with them too to help reduce my anxiety on the go.

Overall Rating:

5/5 no doubt for this product. It’s SO good (even Robb agrees lol) and is a simple way to add goodness into your life that isn’t overwhelming or tastes too weird. With all the wellness trends out there, mushrooms are on the forefront for a reason and the benefits of the shrooms are worth consuming, especially in hot chocolate form 🙂

CLICK HERE TO SHOP THE MUSHROOMS- use this link for $20 off your first order!

Pink’s Picks: Boll & Branch Sheets

Today I am reviewing my new favorite product I use daily…my Boll & Branch sheets!! The Boll & Branch sheets are truly worth the hype and if you have them then you know! We have the signature hemmed sheet set and they have changed sleep for me. If you’re looking to elevate your bed & sleep game, read on!

Why I love Boll & Branch’s Signature Hemmed Sheets: 

We all deserve a luxurious sleep- there is truly nothing better than waking up refreshed. A staple to a good night sleep is being comfortable and good sheets are a key necessity. Boll & Branch master luxury and comfort in one. The signature hemmed sheets are 100% organic cotton, woven together to create the most soft and breathable material. It truly feels like you’re at a 5 star hotel when you’re in these sheets! With 7 great neutral color options, they go perfect in a cozy bedroom and they’re also ethically produced! I have tried a lot of sheets, but these have a 300 thread count plus the type of softness & lightness you could only dream about! Even thought I run cold and my bf runs hot, we both LOVE these sheets so that is a win-win. With over 9,000 5 star reviews, I can confirm the hype is REAL with these sheets. Jump on board and change your sleep game!

When to use Boll & Branch Sheets:

I mean you OBVIOUSLY use sheets to sleep LOL but I would also buy these for ALL the beds in the house…guest rooms, kids room, etc. I also think these would make the BEST gift for a new homeowner or newlyweds! The signature set comes with a top sheet, fitted sheet and two standard pillow cases.

Where to buy Boll & Branch: 

You can purchase ALL Boll & Branch items directly through their website…they also have other types of sheets and other bath/bed items. I really want to try one of their blankets. Honestly though the signature sheet set is SUCH a sweet deal- under $200 for pure luxury.

Overall Rating:

Boll & Branch sheets are a 5/5…the type of luxury you can dream of right in your own home! Give them a try and let me know what you think.


Pink’s Picks: 2021 Favorite Products

Guess what?! It is almost 2022….I know…WILD! I am wrapping up this years Pink’s Picks with my 2021 FAVORITE PRODUCTS list aka the GRAND PICKS!  Let’s be honest, ya’ll want to know the good shi*t and if you’ve trusted any of my recommendations in the past, you will LOVE this list. Also, do you need any more gifts?! I got you! Click the product name and link to shop the item!

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

Read my full Pink’s Pick Review here but the Barefoot dreams blanket is the most luxurious one on the market- SO SOFT

Ugg Slippers 

Tis the season for cold feet…I wear these cozy scuff slippers year around- the best of the best.

Lunya Robe 

Get more deets on why this robe is life changing…one of my most worn items of 2021.

Vuori Joggers

I will never not be obsessed with Vuori.…get these joggers so you can finally understand why I won’t shut up about them…Read my full Pink’s pick Review here!

Alo Muse Sweat Set 

I have also worn the Alo Muse sweat set at least 100 times…and I ordered another one. Love it so much.

ON Cloud Running Shoes

ON Cloud are the best walking shoes….so lightweight, cute and slip on!

Amazon Workout Set

The famous $35 Amazon workout set is worth it….great quality at a great price! Read my full Pink’s Pick review here.

Lululemon Align Tank

The tank I grab for every workout is my Align Tank…perfect for low impact Pilates (MY FAV).

Target LBD

Looking for a reasonable but cute and functional dress? I found this $25 black midi dress gem at Target! A great closet staple that can be worn with sneakers or heels!

Aritzia Wilfred Acre Robe Jacket

One of the best purchases this year was my Aritizia Wilfred Acre Robe Jacket. SO warm and perfect if you’re petite.

Veja White Sneakers 

I wore my Veja’s all year around and they’re my fav casual sneakers- super comfy and chic.


If you need a great pair of denim, MOTHER is my go to brand. I love the fray ankle skinny ones!

Skin Pharm Youth Serum

My #1 skincare obsession is the Skin Pharm Youth Serum– did a whole blog post here on WHY you need this in your skincare routine- it’s hydration baby!

Amazon Ice Roller 

Need a last minute gift idea…this is my obsession to help DEPUFF the face…leave it in the freezer and your face will thank YOU!

Facial Lounge Pore Clarifying Cleanser 

The best facial cleanser in the game is the Facial Lounge Pore Clarifying Cleanser. It’s reasonable, vegan and WORKS. I have been using this for 4+ years.

Supergoop! Glowscreen 

Who doesn’t love a good glow?! I have loved Supergoop! Glowscreen on it’s own or under my makeup for an extra glow. Plus SPF is critical for anti-aging so this product is a MUST.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

This is basically a primer to boost your skins glow with or without make up! It legit makes your skin look like it has a filter on it…obsessed!!

Diorshow Brow Styler

I discovered my new fav brow product and it is the Diorshow Brow Styler...this thin pencil is easy to use, doesn’t break and has a brush on the end to help you brush the brows UP.  I use shade 001 and it is the perfect universal brown!

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

I really didn’t want to like this product because of the price and ingredients (not clean) but this foundation is INCREDIBLE for special events. It lasts HOURS and goes on your skin like glass…I now understand the hype!!

Nespresso Coffee Machine 

I am a coffee lover and as a former Keurig user, Nespresso really changed the game for me. High quality coffee and looks cute in the kitchen!

Amazon Laptop Stand

If you’ve been in WFH mode, you need this laptop stand. It will help your neck stay up (avoid that bad posture!) and looks sleek so it’s a win-win! A great gift idea too! Comes in great colors (I have the black!)

Thymes Fir Candle 

Have a fake tree but want an xmas smell? The Thymes Fir Candle is for you! I already burned through one lol